Onwards and Upwards

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by deadofwinter, Jul 5, 2020.

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    This is my first thread on this forum. Another thread I had was one when I was 24 years old on a different forum.

    How I wish I could say I'm all clean as a 26 right now (27 in 5 days). I am not. Honestly, things got a bit worse even. From Femdom I managed to switch to Findom, which is basically a worse version of the former.
    It's a fetish/addiction in which the submissive male sends money to a pretty girl because "she deserves it more than he does" and because he is "just a loser". (wtf?!)

    3 years ago I wouldn't have understood how anyone could fall for such nonsense, but nevertheless here I am and I just relapsed by PMO'ing to weird femdom hypno audio while a Findom girl on Twitter DM 'made me' send her 50 dollars.

    Obviously I don't feel great right now. I had a 2-month streak going on and I was feeling super good in life. Things were turning around for me. Still, I managed to screw it up.

    I'm not gonna sit here feeling sorry for myself, I'm actually gonna forgive myself and move on. From now on I'll write about my journey to channel some of that extra energy that no PMO gives you. No more relapses from now on. I want to be free.

    Like an old friend that I met on my first thread often said: "onwards and upwards"

    My name is Mark and thank you everyone who is here on this forum to support each other. I wish you all luck!

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    I have a method that should work for this. Please send me a Pm.
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    I can never be a victim of findom luckily because I love money way more than this fetish. Even If I wanted to attend a real life session, I wont pay more that 100 dollars for 1 day. Forget about over the net session.
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    You better tell me how serotonin affects foot fetish , testosterone , estrogen , and moter movements.
  5. hey mark, happy bday afterwards,
    yout attitude is pretty good. When u fucked it up something didnt work out as good as it should. Maybe u need to change ur tactic or your lifestyle. From what I have read so far ur motivation is top. Maybe u just need some small adjustments in ur life to have a solid tactic against the addiction.
    Wish u luck
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