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    Open Dream Journal

    One of my additional goals is achieving lucidity in my dreams, since I like the idea of being in control of my nights as well as my days. Part of the process is keeping a dream journal, but I'm tired of cluttering my reboot journal with my wacky dreams, especially since I'll start remembering more and more as I get closer to my goal.

    For that reason I'll post my random-ass dreams here, and everyone else is welcome to share their stuff - I find trying to analyse them for meaning is also fun, and helps you remember the details better.
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    I'm on a steak eating spree and loving life, but after the third steak my mouth starts to feel intolerably strange. I keep on chewing at the inside of my cheeks and to my horror, my cheeks just start falling apart. I look in a mirror and see there's now a hole in my left cheek big enough to see me tongue through, with flaps hanging around it, and my right cheek doesn't look any more glamorous. I'm at home, and my brain's instinct is obviously to tell my mum :oops:, who calls the hospital. She leaves and comes back in a car she says the hospital gave her, and tells me I need to drive there.

    I don't even manage to start the car, although I somehow make it move enough to crash it into the fence behind where it's parked. The controls are unbelievably complex - in my dream it makes sense to me that they'd have a lot of high-tech peculiarities for the purpose of disabled access, but I'm still too baffled to figure anything out. By some miracle I make it to the road, where the worst of it is waiting for me. I think I bump into about 3 cars in a 5 meter radius before the dream skips.

    I next rememberer being at the hospital; it's a whole other scene but I've forgotten the people I met there. I do remember that they gave me tender, delicious chicken wings as the remedy to my battle-worn cheeks, and by the time I'd finished the bag of about 10, my cheeks were fine.

    The next dream arrives and I'm doing a lot of arguing with my brother (yawn) but we're losing hostility towards each other as we arrive at a clothes store with our parents. We talk a little as our parents look for clothes, then I go around browsing the shoe section. Suddenly, my Dad says he's leaving with my Mum to do something or the other, leaving my brother and I in utter confusion since the details weren't explained to us.
    A shady looking randomer tells me we should watch our backs as the area is 'dangerous', and my brother freaks and tries to follow the guy around for protection. A few minutes later he's running with the guy as he's being chased by a slightly overweight female security officer at the store, seems like the guy stole something. My brother, caught up in the mess like a buffoon, is escorted back to me with his hands behind his back, and I proceed to roast him mercilessly as we try to come up with a new plan.

    Dream 1 - Um... don't eat too much? Too much of anything has bad consequences, so although I should enjoy the good things in life, don't consume them in excess. And get better at driving... wth
    Dream 2 - I'm tired of these arguing with my brother dreams, but I understand they keep coming up since the only times in my short life that I've been extremely upset or extremely angry have been because of my brother, and occasionally my parents. I guess this dream told me cooperation is the key to success.
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  3. @Pafton Tsumi I think it's great that you're trying to achieve lucidity in your dreams, and are keeping a dream journal. It's something I've always wanted to be able to do, but not something that I've had much success at as of yet unfortunately.

    Best of luck to you! :)
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    Speaking of dreams, I'm 8 days inn right now. I had a very vivid dream of living in a cluttered house with some house guests and I could not keep the house clean enough.

    I googled that just to see what it would say and it gave me this:

    If you dream that your house is messy ordirty you may be repressing negative emotions or neglecting yourself physically. ... To dream of cleaning yourhouse suggests you are in the process of (or should be) clearing out or ridding yourself of the negativity in your life.
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    dreams are good. I also love to dream
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    I had a dream where I fought an evil demonic clown version of Nicholas Cage at the birthday party of a rich gay child. I beheded him with a bat and flushed his head down the toilet.
    Try finding a meaning to that.
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    Probably no deep meaning there, it was just an accurate prediction of the future. Watch yourself man, the end of times is upon us

    I'm feel like going clubbing so I spawn in my city centre, a couple of minutes walk from a club I like. I run into some friends from school when I reach the queue, one of them pays my entry for me since they only accept card, and I give him the cash equivalent (£10 !!!!!). I meet a whole slew of old acquaintances in the club and have a great time for the short duration of my stay there.

    The next thing I remember I'm walking into a strip club/brothel of some sort, where a selection of girls are just sitting in a circle on the floor in what seems like a bare room (although admittedly I didn't examine the design or furniture much). I sit besides the girl closest to the entrance and she kisses me haltingly then moves me along. I barely recognise the next girl from a p video I've watched and she treats me like a regular, before performing acts I won't go into detail about here. In the middle of an amazing bj I realise what's happening and force myself out of the dream through sheer willpower, having thought about wet dreams before falling asleep and telling myself that I want to avoid them at all costs, even though it's technically not a relapse. Not sure if this counts as sleep-induced lucidity since I definitely clocked onto what was going on in that moment, but forgot I was dreaming in the next sequence. I also forgot the next sequence...

    ?: Sexual fantasies are now a disturbingly large part of my days as well as my nights - I hope this is just a nofap phase. My dream perfectly encapsulates my mental struggle.
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    Too many things happened to remember, probably in several different dreams - in one of them I'm heading into a uni friend's room with another old friend to start pre-drinking, and on the way (I think) I run into two girls who are sitting at a table, apparently getting ready to go out too. I end up talking to them a bit, accompanied by someone else I don't remember, and after a while we all move into a room opposite the table we were sitting at. At first glance there only seem to be a couple of other people in this room, but after I sit down the number seems to increase by a huge amount, and before long the room is filled to the brim. I talk to a few people about things I've forgotten now, and the next thing I remember is I'm browsing some sort of museum section of the room (or a different room altogether), hearing about how a long time ago, two girls explored the area in search of dolphins and found weird shells belonging to crustaceans that are now extinct. These girls also had a seaside battle with some kind of monster - they must've been heroes of some sort. For some reason an old history teacher of mine, Mr Taylor, decides to show up and quiz me on what I'd heard, apparently thinking that I hadn't been paying attention while talking to my friend. I give him a fairly good recap, and the process repeats when ANOTHER teacher shows up to quiz me - this time Mr Taylor gives me a bit of help.
    I'm straight up just masturbating to hentai, and despite repeatedly thinking "stop, I can't be doing this, stop," the next thing I know I'm just keeping on at it, perhaps in a different position every now and then. I eventually break myself out of the spell; no wet dream tonight.

    Dream 1: A mix of anticipation for post-exam drinking and worry for the exam I have today, I presume.
    Dream 2: Before falling asleep I thought about how today marks a 2 week streak, so I guess my mind decided to play devil's advocate. I know a wet dream isn't a reset but I wouldn't like one either way.

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