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  1. Hello, everybody. How you doing? What are you up to? I'm a youngin' from Europe (22 years young) and my mother tongue is not English. Here I am, because I wanna talk with you about a lot. IT is already day 26 of semen retention for me. That's it retention, I feel no addiction to porn, even though there is that though of relapsing to porn remembering how good it was. So, long story short. I was "left in the rain" by my gf because I'm too ambitious and too controllable by her( yeah I know that is a strange combination) Another reason why we are not together cause I'm not seeking her validation anymore, even though I do not seek validation from women in general. You know, the females think you got no options and you are desperate to have sex with her, but in reality I don't need none of the bullshits happening with other people, one was quite enough. Literally searching for no pussy. Here I wanna talk about the retention thing. I do not know how much it would last, I feel benefits about my live. Maybe there is extra attraction from girls, women. Maybe there is not so much of a difference. I'm liked by women but I don't chase them- AT ALL. I don't approach them, not cause I'm shy, but I want no relationships. I feel the need to have sex, yeah after 26 day it's getting bigger and bigger. I feel animal instincs, but I don't wanna to engage with sex. That's it I'm trying to abstain from sex. AT all. For now. 26 days I abstain, I'm reading crazy amount of literature. I'm working out. Eating healthy enough. Attending most of my classes, having flying colors at the exams. Small scholarship. At 22 I'm living with my parents and spending my non university time/non improvement time looking after my grandmother in her house at the village. My problem. This girl is swearing that she loves me even more than she loves herself. She was constantly manipulating me. Mentally and physically abused me a lot. I have lost my social life, even though I feel the need to sacrifice whatever to find myself. To gain wealth. To challenge myself and to live alone and start slowly giving back to my family. I did scary much of improvement, but I still love her and knowing myself shit want change. I'm trying to retain from all my addictions. Now from 26 days at least I'm eating clean, drinking only water + sometime milk, and little sugary milks(yeah that is almost all the sugar in my system), losing body fat, almost don't watch TV at all. Love spending the time alone. Cause I feel in love with my self, I love her too. SO, please help me with that : To find myself the courage to work hard in the summer brake, get experience , get some money. And before the end of the year start generating some wealth in some kind of fashion. I'm not really happy with my current financial situation, even though I'm having everything I need. ( I'm kind of miminalist cause I hate the modern over consuming world.) Help me to start investing mainly in my financial future, cause i'm not raised to get money. Help me with my retention from "BAD". Let me know what you are curios about me and how may I help you. Smile.
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    Welcome! I'm glad you're here. Keep coming back!

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