OPINION: Millennials are a disgrace in humanity history

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Taylor25, Feb 21, 2018.

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    With the proliferation of the internet and social media - as well as the availability of information through video-sharing sites like YouTube - this generation has the tools to be the best ever. Information to build wealth, get in shape, find romance, and simply become a better You is everywhere. But it starts with pragmatism and acceptance of responsibility.

    With so many options and variety comes the ability for abuse. Whether it's porno or video games there are productive and unproductive things one can do with their time. Ultimately, we're here for 80 or 90 years then we vanish. I wanna spend that time having as much fun and living life to the fullest as I can.
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    Hey guy I hate myself for saying this on account of that I'm racist and sexist, but you're vastly overgeneralizing, and probably projecting. What you're talking about is polarization and you're only seeing one pole. The hypersexual televisionstagram zombie bug-people slaves are even more zombie buggish than generations prior, but you fail to see the #woke side, probably because you yourself are watching too much television and spending too much time on social media, so that's all you see. Think about it, millenials saying "i hate millenials" is so common it's a cliche, yet you fail to acknowledge that, and the generation you see is a reflection of your own internal world. Think about it, we're here in protest to hypersexuality! It's kinda like the only way to be a rebel today is to be a genuinely good and virtuous person who thinks for himself. So don't go shitting on my whole generation (unless it's baby boomers in which case shit on them violently), cuz the only generation that's objectively better than us is Gen Z. There's lots of us, so keep up with your journey of bettering yourself and realize that you're not special, if you're doing it there's millions of us worldwide who are too!
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    I don't think Millenials are a disgrace to humanity... but I do think our generation is not particularly original and much culture is piggybacking off former generations... e.g. Hipsters.

    We live in quite dull and safe times in the West. I think in the past there was more urgency about life so people took more risks.
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  4. Lmaoo, one of the most narcissistic threads I've ever come across. What makes you different man, enlighten me.
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    I swear the more I read post the more I think this man was trying to shit post.
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  6. Yeah. Can't believe anyone could actually write something like that.

    "I have a good taste in things".

    Who can write something like this ?

    Obviously someone who is bitter and who seems to think identity revolves entirely around what you consume.

    I don't like the music these people™ listen to. That means I am smarter, my taste is so refined. Good for you buddy.
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    Boomers did have more economic security than Millennials, but Millennials are benefiting from technology Boomers didn't have. Does generational conflict make sense? If so then neither Millennials, Gen Xers or Boomers can complain compared to all the generations that came before them when the West was rife with poverty, disease and misery.
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    No doubt that all generations suck to one degree or another, but Millennials are in the spotlight now, and this generation does have some serious problems. Including entitlement, lack of taste, lack of a desire for critical thought, and the root cause IMO, moral relativism. Everyone is out there pursuing "their own truth" which is a load of crap. There is truth, and it doesn't depend on how any of us feel about it. If Millennials want to do better, we need to start looking for what is true, rather than trying to make our feelings into facts.
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    I agree with a lot of the assessments. I do think it's a sliding scale for the millennials. I'm an early 1980's baby but the ones born after seem to get worse for the narcissism scale I find. Especially females who are so obscenely addicted to taking selfies it's ridiculous.

    Seriously, step away from social media. Between snap chatting, Instagram, Tinder, and the rest it's just a joke.

    It was reported yesterday millennials in the UK are on course to being the fattest generation ever. 7 out of 10 they say will be classed as overweight.
    It's just a staggering statistic.
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    who's deciding all this ? and who assumes a 'generation' has x tastes- for example the baby boom generation most were NOT hippies as portrayed in films today - anymore than mine (x) were all punk rockers.

    If the emerging generation does have 'trending' negative traits, then the 'blame' is on the parents that raised them and societies they grew up in.

    I actually think the younger generations- with their large number of service veterans (even though the military has been pc-ed) , re adaption of of masculine identity (numerous blogs and authors) has the potential to be less effate then the generations that proceeded it, including mine.
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    Your typical millenial is all the people who got butthurt and cried when they found out killary was not going to win.
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  12. Yes. Hillary sucks. You are so clever for figuring that out. Want a trophy ?
    You have like three talking points that you repeat in every post I see you make. Doesn't it get boring or is it so fun owning the libs ?
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  13. If you want to know what’s wrong with this generation, society, and the world then follow this simple two step process!

    STEP 1:
    STEP 2: Repeat Step 1.
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    I agree with this, but the truth is a foreign language to most people.
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  15. Runtilmylegsdropoff

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    No, actually we were told that Trump never even had a chance from the beginning. Then right up on election night we were told she had 93 percent chance of being the President. The reality and the truth is always being obfuscated by the left.

    Hopefully this reply is a much more imaginative talking point you were looking for.
  16. As a generation Z’er immigrated from China, I believe the problem with Millennials is that they took freedom for granted; USSR and other tyrannical governments fell, and the theocracies in the Middle East are no where as big as a threat to the US than USSR. Millennials did not experience the lack of freedom of speech in China, where the internet is regulated and YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook censored. Religious group such as the Faluengong is also persecuted, their members’ organs harvested by the government gastapo.
    The lack of a foreign communist threat means that Millennials have more faith in the government and socialism, even though both demonstrated to be malevolent with overwhelming evidence.

    Millennial white males also seems to be persecuted in Western Culture, since they lack the guidance and the usherance that served previous generations very well. This phenomenon explains the explosive popularity of Jordan Peterson, who preached to young men about the cruel world that should have came from their parents.

    Just my take, I realize that I sound like a 60 year old, but my upbringing in China and the sweet taste of American Freedom led me to this conclusion.
  17. ivanhoe

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    You're also experiencing (by being @ nofap) another basic and seemingly paradoxical tenant of freedom - it requires self discipline and self restraint to maintain freedom, both from within and from without.

    It's not an accident we are seeing its erosion here- as pornography laws become more and more lax, political speech becomes more and more curtailed.
  18. The irony here is that the Millennials are supporting movements that will help usher in communist oppression, and they don’t even know it. So many are becoming Social Democrats but that’s exactly what the communists desire: “I'll start off by saying that what we fight for is socialism, which is a necessary step toward communism.” —Communist Party USA

    What Millennials don’t understand is that in countries where communism no longer has an iron grip just means they have taken an “oh piece of candy” approach in order to gather support. Sadly, it’s working, and Millennials as well as many other younger people are taking us out of the pan and into the fryer, and they’re doing it with smiles on their faces because they think they’re being progressive.
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  19. It’s because most people do not understand the difference between freedom and licentiousness, and they confuse the latter as being the former. It’s not until they experience the slavery of addiction does it dawn on them that Freedom is the ability to do what you ought, it’s not the ability to do what you want without consequences.

    What has lead us to the state we’re in with pornography is a spirit and mentality of people trying to escape consequences through things like: “no fault divorce”, casual sex, “birth control” (no birth no control), and abortion, all have helped usher in the pornographic mentality that is in our society.
  20. I am a millennial I guess. What's wrong with being born at certain time?

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