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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Wazzai, Apr 7, 2018.

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    I have been reading deeper into Buddhism and I have been moving towards becoming a more dedicated Buddhist.

    Because of my previous addiction and the help this site has given me I feel it's only right to give my 2 cents back.

    I have experienced this addiction first hand and have gone through almost everything the rest of you have.

    I will not say that I concuered the addiction, but I did make friends with it.

    I find no reason to fight against yourself. Addiction is a fancy word for habit you don't like.

    Work with your routine and find your habit. It will come to you. You do not have to search.

    Addiction works in darkness and mindfulness works in light.

    When you sense it on the horizon of your mind ready to do it's thing shed light on it through mindfulness.

    In other words see your addiction, say 'hello addiction, there you are' and give it a smile.

    It will dissipate. Be compassionate with yourself as well as the addiction. Don't hate yourself. This causes you to run away and in Buddhist terms to suffer. You inadvertently cling to the addiction with everything you have instead of letting go.
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    While I agree with the philosophy, mostly because I had 'thought' a lot about it in terms of cancer in general.... I disagree with your definition of addiction.

    Just in case, if you are not well informed, addiction COULD alter who you are, and the symptoms could be horrible beyond just a habit you don't like.
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  3. Wazzai

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    I agree.

    I stated the process very simplistically, my idea behind what I said is not that it will just go away because you said hi.

    The thought process is closer to you acknowledge the addiction. Don't stop it. Just acknowledge.

    When you do this you start strengthening your rational brain over your addict brain.

    Are you still addicted? Yes.

    Will this magically cure you?

    Of course not, but it will strengthen your rational brain. Which will in turn strengthen your persistence against the addiction.

    With enough time and dedication you will become stronger than the addiction and it will become a habit again which you can then stop.
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    Make sense to me
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    A beautiful look into it. I want to hear more in this forum about how to philosophically understand addiction because fighting it fiercefully obviously doesn't work with me. It makes me divide into two as you said. Maybe making friends with the devil inside somehow convinces it of coming into light or whatever. I know it sounds too pacifist and ambitious, but I'm just too drained and unmotivated to fight myself. I did it a lot and went into a number of long streaks but at the end always the same thing, relapses and sadness and semi-depression. There has got to be a way. I mean trying harder?
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  6. I agree with everything you said. Even the part you said you were moving more towards becoming a Buddhist, which I have no way of confirming nor denying. :D
  7. Wazzai

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    Let me ask you this, what do you know about your addiction?

    What does it do? Not what does it make you do, what does IT do?

    The big problem I saw while dealing with it myself was that I know I'm addicted, I know what I don't like, but I don't know the thing that I don't like.

    I ran around avoiding the addiction, avoiding a big piece of myself. For what? To have it catch up and make me suffer.

    Instead embrace it. Hold it like a mother holding her crying child. Say it's okay. Recognise it as a part of yourself.

    Feel it kicking and crying.

    If you can accept it fully without judgement you will feel it becoming restful.
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    Today has been the most difficult day for me since starting my reboot, and this was the most helpful thing I've read on this forum. Thank you for offering your perspective.
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    I observe myself all the time... Always been like that. The thing is the very fact I am observing changes everything!
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