Opinion: Reddit (and specifically r/NoFap) is a hotbed of toxic co-dependence...

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by spacedout85, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. spacedout85

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    Opinion: Reddit (and specifically r/NoFap) is a hotbed of toxic co-dependence and enables/encourages mental illness, depression, etc.

    I've had to un-follow that sub because of all the manic, ridiculous threads constantly being posted. My reddit feed would be dominated by these ranting and absurd claims/posts.

    In my opinion that sub is a gross misrepresentation of "NoFappers" -- Maybe because it's reddit it attracts a younger and more reactionary crowd, I have no idea....

    It's just so... cringey af... To a lesser extent, the entire realm of reddit has seemingly become more embarrassing and cringey within the last couple of years imo...

    Obviously, this is just a trite opinion of one man, but maybe others can relate to my frustration with the lameness of that subreddit.

    Just wanted to vent for a minute because I've found the users of this forum to be more rational and calm.
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  2. Yeah the NoFap sub isn't good. It's a combination of fake superpower posts and blatant lies/trolling getting hundreds of upvotes. NoFap.com is much more serious/caring of PMO addiction.
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  3. Get_It

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    What did you expect from reddit. That place is Bugmen central.
  4. I created that subreddit. I, too, think that many of the posts suck.

    There are good posts too, however, but also many bad ones.

    I also hardly use Reddit anymore.
  5. dignifiedrose

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    I discovered nofap through reddit, but the subreddit is not what it used to be. There are great posts every here and there, but so many seeking help just get lost in new.
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  6. Bombadil

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    It sounds like it'd drive me up the wall. Glad I came here first :)
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    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    You obviously don’t understand the superhuman strength and precise mental proximity you’ll have after the lifeforce-creating stream of REABSORBED SEMON AND TESTESTERONE flow through your veins!!
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