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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by It's TIME to STOPPP, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. It's TIME to STOPPP

    It's TIME to STOPPP Fapstronaut

    Well they suck. Here's why

    - lack masculinity
    - all look similar
    - music isn't really that good
    - aggressive fans

    I feel like it is a result of the modern beauty industry, where people idolise feminine looking men with long hair and make up. I am TOTALLY SICK of this, and the fans are worse. They would be toxic on anyone who is against their opinion, and they think they're a "family" just because they all like something in common.

    To be honest, the nofap community is the best I've ever seen, where people strive to improve themselves and become a better person. This thing is better than any of the BS in the world. LETS GO BROTHERS!
  2. GigglingTrout

    GigglingTrout Fapstronaut

    I like Kpop (there's some good stuff out there imo), but I agree with you.

    Too much make-up, bowl cuts, derivative/repetitive songs, and insecure obnoxious fanbases
  3. Alex1111

    Alex1111 Fapstronaut

    I agree with you, kpop just sucks. And I'm saying this because of the fanbase, I mean they are a bunch of fanatics at this point..
  4. FellatiousD

    FellatiousD Fapstronaut

    My first girlfriend was a Kpop fan. I hated it, but I pretended to like it because I was a fool and didn't realize the importance of honesty in relationships. I was also a porn addict at that time.
  5. Poseidon

    Poseidon Fapstronaut

    I’ll bet they say the same thing about us.
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  6. jk243

    jk243 Fapstronaut

    I watched a video about how Asians men went to male alpha to look like women now. It is like they are brainwashed. Also I don’t love Kpop.this kind of music are for girls , little girls I guess.
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  7. Poseidon

    Poseidon Fapstronaut

    What’s life like back in 1962?
  8. jk243

    jk243 Fapstronaut

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  9. onceaking

    onceaking Fapstronaut

    Yeah, without MTV you wouldn't have K-Pop. While living in America MTV inspired the creator of K-Pop.

    K-Pop can be a good thing to listen to when you're tired and working. I have my own K-Pop and J-Pop playlist on Spotify that I sometimes listen to while working.

    Artists are manufactured and controlled but it's not as bad as it used to be.
  10. Concorde-96

    Concorde-96 Fapstronaut

    The kpop music I have heard has been blackpink a group of girls but it is not to my liking.
  11. grungeisinfinite

    grungeisinfinite Fapstronaut

    "Omg Cheng is so handsome! Like look at hime omg i cant"
    Cheng: [​IMG]

    But yeah, I used to be hella pissed whenever I heard someone talk about k-pop. Well, not much people here do it, haha, so I guess I'm lucky. But you've gotta understand. Boys had beyblades, Rambo, Rocky, nerf gun type of stuff, sports when they were kids. Girls used to have dolls, make up bags or whatever :D
    Now boys have Mia Khalifa and girls have asian bowlheads, simple.
    It just triggers me in some stupid way - they all are so... So too much femine! Like, dude! You can be romantic, you can be gay, but this is nor gay nor romantic. This is extra stupid. Like, gay stuff which I'm not against is mixed with dudes being snowflakes which I'm against. Like, cmon man, stop. I'm not saying - get a good haircut, stop looking like a girl. I can't say that since I'm a metal/rock fan, but like... At least stop putting on that girly image just to look cute.

    like omg i'd die for him he's so handsome i caaaaant omg omg omg that eye roll omg uhhhhhh
  12. grungeisinfinite

    grungeisinfinite Fapstronaut

    I don't think so :D
  13. Poseidon

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