Orgasm while sleeping?

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    I'm on day 20 and woke up last night feeling like I'd just had an orgasm. No evacuation. Just the feeling. Did I have a wet dream? Couldn't quite tell if I dreamt the feeling but it felt very real.
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    it could have been just a feeling that was confined to the dream world or it could have been that you woke up before the feeling of arousal progressed into a full orgasm. Either way, its all good.
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  3. I've had this feeling a few times before. Most notably after 111 days without an emission of any kind, I had an intense dream but woke up to find no wet spot. I felt euphoric for at least half the day (despite being a work day) and really felt like I had "gotten laid" the night before.
    I call it a "dry dream", because I'm convinced that I experienced an orgasm in my brain, even if not in my balls.

    Sadly, I got fixated on trying to figure out how to have more of those dreams :rolleyes:

    One week later, on day 118, I had another, but not nearly as powerful. Another week later, I relapsed. :oops:
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