Orgasms Ruin Relationships

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    You are making some interesting points here. The uncontrollable sexual urges of most men these days might be a contributing factor for why so few men these days become geniuses, are successful in their lives and create great things. It might also be one contributor to the declining T-levels amongst men (in combination with chemicals, toxins and additives in the food). By constantly ejaculating and orgasming, all of your massive sexual energy goes down the drain and you don't feel motivated or energized enough to do anything meaningful.
    Most men these days have become so weak, impatient, uneducated, and prone to distractions that I don't even know where to begin. Most men can't seem to get their shite together in any area of life, be motivated, eat properly, exercise regularly, be persistent, visualize great accomplishments, focus on a meaningful purpose and goals in life to mention a few.
    The sexual energy most men are carrying can become a great productive force if transmuted and directed correctly. Most of the best and most productive and satisfied business leaders, inventors, musicians, artists, etc don't have sex on their priority list because if they had, they wouldn't be able to continue excelling in their respective fields because most of that productive energy and drive would be gone.

    Although being a man with plenty of sexual energy still (probably more know than in my 20's), I am able to transmute it into my job, reading, exercise activities (I am running marathons and boxing), social skills (being magnetic), while feeling motivated and happy with my life just in general.
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    Exactly man
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    You all are overthinking it. I mean, come on...

    While I see how having too much orgasms can drain you and make you feel tired and unmotivated, it’s just pathetic to say that you should not orgasm again in your entire life or saying that “orgasm and sex ruin relationships”.
    This kind of mindset is very dangerous.
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    I'm just done with it. Need some break from all this .
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