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    Hey guys, another question. I’ve been thinking a lot about the consequences of PMO, and it’s started to lead me towards thinking about the origins of my insecurities. I know a lot of us carry a fear of intimacy, vulnerability, and being “seen” or “exposed.” I think back on my life and try to formulate where, exactly, these messages originated. Where or how did I learn that it was unsafe to be me, and how did it turn into PMO behavior?Thoughts? Stories?
  2. I would imagine that there are many different stories. I know where I learned mine (it was definitely cultural where I lived).

    The important thing is not how or where you learned it, but how to unlearn it and relearn your birthright of being able to be vulnerable, open, honest.

    I, personally, found that I needed just a few things.
    • Non-judgemental friends. These are hard to find.
    • Therapy. There are many different types including complementary therapies, and you have to find the types (more than one, for me) that happen to suit your personality and needs at the time.
    • Plenty of work on self-improvement, in many different areas of life. Sometimes a holistic approach, sometimes piecemeal. This sounds simple, and sometimes it is, sometimes it's extraordinarily hard, sometimes it's inbetween.
    This is what I found, and I can't say if it would be true for other people.
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