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  1. Whats good brothers

    I have successfully past 100+ days no PM and feel amazing. I am starting to realize other addictions in my life. I wonder what would happen if I eliminated them.

    I have an addiction to hook up apps. I am constantly checking them and am tired of being rejected and having to lower my standards. I am also tired of the comparisons. I deleted it and hopefully will replace it with face-to-face interactions. I will do the by going to social events, bars and clubs

    Another addiction I have is for youtube and the internet in general. I feel like the internet and youtube are helpful tools but they get addicting. I have decided to do more outdoor leisure activities, decrease the amount of time spent on my phone/laptop and not watch too many videos on youtube.


    Peace brothers.
  2. Ronila

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    Why do you call everything an addiction?
    These are not addictions, these are behavior and time management problems you developed.
    Take full responsibility for that.

    When you simply take something out of your life, by saying I do not like it - you will tend to replace it with something else.
    You may say I spend too much time on youtube and stop going there but you then gradually transition to spending hours on reddit or another activity.

    Properly positioning this is - asking a question what will I do instead during the time I spent watching YouTube?
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    I'm hella addicted to youtube as well, haha. I have also learned a TON from youtube about many topics so it would be bad in way ways to limit it for me.

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