Other reasons for ED and low testosterone

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    So guys, I want to tell you other things that you might get fixed in the same time. The things you eat and that are bad for your health and for your sex drive.

    1. Get rid of simple carbides like sugar, white flour.
    Sugar is like kerosine in your veins. You get a lot of power, that your body cannot even use and handle. After a couple of minutes the magic is over and you crave for more sugar. Your body must release à lot insulin. During the decay of blood sugar levels, you feel sad and the body releases stress hormones. Those are also Cortison that lowers testosterone and Serotonin. You want both for a healthy (sexual) life.
    Instead of sugar, eat more healthy fats (I mean unrefined oils), and a lot of fiber. Eggs are great as well.

    2. No soy products.
    Soy contains "Phyto-estrogens" they are very similar to estrogen which is a female hormone. Scientists think that this how the plant protects itself from being eaten excessively by Mammals. If you can't let soy, go for fermented products, where the Phyto-estrogens are decomposed by bacteria.

    3. Don't eat too much protein.
    Because it weakens your kidneys. Even bodybuilders don't need more than 1.2 grams per kg bodyweight.

    4. Get more sleep, and avoid stress, eat in the morning
    All this has the goal to lower the concentration of the stress hormone "Cortison". This hormone puts you in a flight or fight mode and shuts down your immune system. Scientists think that this is because when in danger, the immune system is just taking ressources that you might need for a fight or for a full-throttle run.
    The problem with Cortison is that it lowers testosterone. When the concentration is too high on a permanent basis, your nerves get destroyed and your immune systems goes crazy. There is a speculation, that this actually causes auto-immune diseases and allergies.

    5. Exercice
    Working out, sweating lowers stress and increases testosterone levels. This is why guys that swept a lot, have more body hair, a broad chin and an upright body posture.

    5. Exercice
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