Our children as internet whores

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    So I just got home and I wanted to write a new thread, It's cold outside, I'm by my self... normally I would feel like I should start faping, but now it feels different, I rather come here and write something for you than just you know...

    Well in my previous thread I discussed how our world and the internet have brought us to disrespect, and loosing love for ourselves and for women.

    But know I'd like to recall one message I heard at church: "God is a generational God"
    It taught me the ways God shapes your offspring by using everything you do.

    Even if you're not a believer what I'm trying to say here is that your actions shape the future, they determine what our children will be doing in the future.
    So I started thinking:
    • Do I want my daughter if one day I have one, to sell their image on the internet just so that some random guys who won't love her can jerk off at her?
    • Do I want my kids to be slave's of porn and internet trends as my generation has been?
    The answer to all of this is NO
    I want something better for them, and even at 20 I know that the man I am will determine their future.

    So if you already have kids or if you're 20 like me and want to have them some day engrave to your mind that "the man you are, or become will change the future"
    So please share your thoughts
    And as always keep strong :)
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    Hey...Well I made it to July 18th which put me at 15 days No PMO and then a relapse. Yikes, I wasn't even looking for porn, my smart phone APP rejected any attempts to access it...dam..it was a you tube segment that unhinged me. I refuse to deal in shame, this is a tricky process when one deals in lust and loneliness at the same time along with the vast wasteland of images surrounding you on the internet. If one has to look on the bright side, I felt calmer and even felt that my response to arousal had improved so I have hope in that sense. This is tough and takes real focus.

    It took me a few days to admit that I have to start over. but I need to. I am trying to eliminate more "trap doors" in my way to success.
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    That is correct. There is even scientific proof for that, at least when it comes to trauma. Our environment and behavior will leave clues in our genetic material.
    Interesting, huh? And a good motivation to strive for health and discipline.

    Edit: Got another cool fact I want to mention. The brain is still in development before the age of 25 years. I am 23. Clock is ticking.
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  4. Great thread bro, you seem like your wise beyond your years, I'm 31 and have a baby on the way and your thoughts have crossed my mind aswel but with Jesus on our side Satan has nothing on us.
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    Thank's for your comments, I hope you're doing great. We can do everything through Jesus :)
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    Thank you @overclocked I think our experiences do play a really important role in our acting

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