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What do you think society will be like in 20 years time?

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  1. society will be like the idiocracy movie

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  2. femenised society

  3. the same as it is now

  4. mass mental health issues,sexual crime, violent crime, overflowing jails etc..

  5. less ratio of men to women

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  1. Long post but worth it.

    Sexual crime is on the increase, domestic abuse, rapes, incest, and child molesters are increasing. Why? Because of porn.


    If anyone needs motivation to want to quit pmo, then that pdf is the one to read.

    Nofap has brought us all here together as the strongest community i have ever been apart of and i am blessed and thankful to be a part of it and for every one of you, we span from across the globe and are the friendliest and kindest and most helpful and supporting people i know, and we are complete strangers. There are almost 500 000 of us and that gives us the opportunity to help others suffering from the affects of porn, that we have gone through. We could save thousands of women being beaten and raped, and thousands of children from being abused, and countless men from committing suicide, maybe even millions if we share our stories and tell others the dangers of pornography.

    Through our reboots we are becoming stronger and wiser, we are the pioneers of the single most beneficial and enlightening self improvement program on the planet today, and it puts us in a unique position to help other people suffering and save a persons lifetime of misery, anxiety, hatred and stop them from hurting others too. One child abused or sucked into Porn addiction could then abuse countless others once they've grown up based on their negative experiences, and extreme porn habit, their fantasies will turn into another persons nightmare reality and then the trickle down effect occurs and evil spreads. You already hear about it in the news multiple times a day, and they are the only the ones that are being reported, and iv read it in Reddit relationship advice, its spreading.
    Relationships between people are crumbling, companionship is deteriorating, we are becoming ever more isolated, depressed and suicidal, lovers are cheating, men are becoming cuckolds , polygamy is becoming the norm. And what do we turn to, to seek comfort? We turn back to porn, its a repetitive evil cycle that is i think the most dangerous addiction in the world, because it is destroying our sociability, and we are inherently social animals, that crave and need human interaction to feel belonging and acceptance and a part of a community, where love can be shared and progression as a human race can continue.

    Porn could perhaps be seen as a conspiracy to break down men, or it was just started as a simple recreational pleasure back in the 60s, that has now gotten out of hand. The majority of people reading this will be men, and as men, it is absolutely necessary to view porn as something that is directly attacking our identities. It is crippling our natural desire to create, to accomplish and succeed in healthy creative outlets. Its destroying our energy. Along with gaming too. Their have been books coming out, about the fall of man, and millennials still living with their parents, boys not succeeding in schools or work, a huge suicide rate, depression, no drive, addiction, no girlfriends, infidelity... And the world is attacking us for it, remember the gillete advert? And what is taking over is a extreme feminist world view, and these non binary people that demand other people to call them what they want, impacting free speech, politics is becoming ever more extreme on both ends of the spectrum and theirs no middle ground anymore, children are being told they can be gender neutral if they decide they want to be, what kind of damage could that spell for their future, a child doesn't know anything, i wanted to be a duck when i was a kid, id be pretty messed up if my parents and society validated this. However children are being attacked by these extreme liberal people, and i believe its all because MEN have become SOFT, because of porn and games. We are becoming lazy and distant, we dont care anymore and thats why these extreme views are becoming more prominent and getting more traction, because there are no strong willed men, arguing back the logical reasons that make sense, its feelings over fact, when its should be facts over feelings. We need to become enlightened, imagine if their were more Jordan Petersons in the world, defending and sticking up for whats logical and right, that has hard proof and science backed research. We can shape the world back to what it should be, back to the middle ground, where there are no extremists. As men its our responsibility to overcome our hardships and addictions so we can help others, and save the absolute destruction and retardation of our society.

    So anyway i have been reading this book called the Power Of the Now, by Eckhart Tolle. (Im not promoting his book, anyone can do this without reading it, but it goes into great detail about it). Its helped me not think about P for an entire 10 days and that's the best iv done since i started Nofap last year. It explains and teaches you that, there is nothing else in the world that matters other than the present moment, so stay in the present moment and don't day dream or think about things that give you pain. Look, feel and hear your surroundings, enjoy whats around you, be the watcher of your thoughts, feel your body, stay present, because this is the only moment that is ever truly real, your past isn't real in the present unless you allow it by thinking about it, and the same about the future. It helps ease anxiety, depression, anger, frustration. Take animals for example, you don't ever see a flamingos or pigeons suffering from depression or anxiety, its because they don't think about things other than whats immediately around them and their survival instincts. They are completely present and therefore in harmony with nature, and that is exactly why we are poisoning the planet and our minds, we are killing ourselves because we think too much.

    The power of the now is truly exceptional and i think it should be the no1 book for Fapstronauts and everyone else. It is hard though, however just like nofap its hard changing an entire lifetimes habit, like with anything it takes practice, the more you practice it, the more present you become and therefore enlightened and happy. But that is also why it is easy, because it is self improvement and we are already learning self improvement through our reboots, this is just another tool to help us get there. Check out the guys picture as well hes 71 and he looks about 40. That is the power of the now, he has no stress and that's why he looks so young.

    Spirituality is nothing to be afraid of either,(i consider myself agnostic, i used to be atheist, however i think its arrogant to disregard all possibilities), its different for anyone you ask, but spirituality is basically the opposite of egotism or materialism. You become enlightened by being present which dissolves the ego, but why would you want to do that you ask? Because the ego is what we think defines us as people, it is a collection of thoughts from all of your past experiences up until this point, it is the voice that brings up the past (causing depression), it is the voice that wishes for a better life in the future (creating anxiety), it has superficial arguments with people in your head, etc. It is what the Buddhists call the chattering monkey, and when you turn that off, then all of your problems instantly vanish, you have clarity of thought and a feeling of bliss, you can usually feel this instantly when you are in the countryside, observing nature, feeling the wind on your skin, and hearing the birds sing, you are at one with nature again. By becoming spiritual and harmonious, with yourself, you then realise that nothing can ever hurt you, because your ego does not get involved, insults will slide of you and you can remain calm in any situation, because you are present. That is exactly what everyone should be like, and if enough of us start in this spiritual journey we will have a fighting chance of changing the world, becoming happy, finding our true selves and becoming the men we want to be, making a lasting positive change.

    I know if we all become present then we can all become enlightened and that is an entire generation and community of people that could potentially change the world for the better, because its a hell atm and its getting worse, people need to be educated about all these new hidden dangers we face, we only realise them until the damage has been done, but its our responsibility as successful role models (once we kick the habit by helping each other) to help the next person, and especially the children that are now getting hooked on extreme graphic porn, its a dangerous future if we don't do something about it.

    So to wrap up, stay present and become enlightened, 500 000 enlightened people could help create a new world, a peaceful world, full of love, friendship and community. Because that's what the world is lacking at the moment, we could be its saviour, together.

    Please comment to keep this post relevant if you think it beneficial.
    Regards Ginseng

    I posted this twice, wasn't sure which forum to post in, might be relevant to both
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  2. ManAtWork

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    Couldn't agree more with the first part. And now where I disagree with you:

    Yeah, we probably could. The more interesting question is, should we?
    Don't misunderstand me... Porn is the one of the root problem in this world. But nothing of value, you find in this community, would exist without it - actually not even this community would exist. We all are here because of it.
    Struggle, pain, loneliness, hopelessness - all of this is necassary in order to achieve true greatness. Yeah, it's true, a hell lot of people will PMO till their last breath, lived a life without any value. And some few will struggle with this, will try to overcome this and a lot will fail. But those few, those few who overcome this, go this path of struggle, pain and failing and finally achive greatness, those are the people, who really count. The story of one of this person has more value than the superficial pleasure of one million NPCs.

    Damn, this has become more dark than I expected... So should we change the world? My answer is definetly No. What we should is to reach the hand out to those who seek help, those who come here and tell their stories. But by getting rid of all bad in this world, we also lose anything of value. No more stories of truely great men will ever be written.
  3. Haha i then shall try to persuade you on the second part too :)
    By your definition, you are saying that the world should stay as it is, and nothing should be done to stop every bad aspect of society because we can help each other after the bad has happened , so only a few people can transcend and overcome this obstacle, the rest can struggle with overcoming their mental health issues for the rest of their life.

    I don't think that is a sustainable way of life for society, we have found value in this community but it doesn't mean others should have to become addicted to find this value, we can spread the message without people having to become addicted to porn, i find that view nonsensical. For those few 'great' people there will be millions of people struggling, and its not like those great people will benefit society any more than someone struggling if they are not spreading the message or have become enlightened. Its strength in numbers, if we can do something about it, we should. Prevention is better than a cure.

    Value is subjective and dependant on individual people and the situation. We wouldn't need the value of this community if their was no porn, because we wouldn't be having these problems, instead their would be other communities dedicated to others things, and less problems. Semen retention has been around for thousands of years, who knows what society would be like if their was no porn. Eckhart Tolle, touches on value in his book and mentions that valuing things is a part of the ego, we dont need to value things, because when we lose that thing that we have put all of that value in, we can become sad, angry, suicidal, lost. Imagine if we had put all our value into this forum because of porn, and then it was removed. Which is totally possible. If we are present then we only find value in the present moment, because thats all their is in life, right now this second, this moment is value, because this is living. We can transcend our problems because in the now their are no problems, only situations. Thats why when you are present you are not a porn addict, you are not angry, confused, lost, sad, anxious, depressed, you are, just being. Its a great tool to overcome this habbit.

    Their are other things we can struggle with that isn't a mental health problem caused by ignorance and money. I agree that you have to struggle through pain and hard times to be challenged and grow as a person , its what defines you in the most important moments. But we can still value things if their was nothing bad, because we wouldn't want it bad, we would take measures to prevent bad things from happening and people would be happy and live in a strong, close community. Porn addiction is a new problem and completely pointless, we didn't have this 40 years ago.
  4. ManAtWork

    ManAtWork Fapstronaut

    As I said, with most of your first post I agreed. And I also like your second post. I haven't read the book you're talking about, may check it out. Sound very interesting.
    So what we have here is a pretty accurate description of the problems, we as men have to face. I couldn't agree more on this. And her's the big "but": Has the claim to make this world a better place ever achieved anything?

    That's actually not what I wanted to say. I've just read an article about porn in a relationship and how it affects men and women. The psychotherapist mentioned a lot of symptoms, we face as men. Like losing interest in the partners or going for more extreme kind of porn (like porn with violonce and stuff). Despite all of this, her solution to this: Talk about it with the partner and from time to time, also watch a porn with the partner. Porn should not be seen as something bad... WHAT? Really...

    98%, I guess, of our society will never see porn as THE problem. Thy will suffer the symptoms, and will find the answer to that in more porn, more sex. That's why so many men and women break up the relationship, why the search for affairs (or why is tinder trending so much?). Or why sex toys are booming now...
    The remaining 2% are those people who matter for me. Those are the people you find here. Searching for a real solution for their problem. Ready to go a path of struggle, but at the end grow a person.

    I'm at the moment very much into Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, 1984 by George Orwell and also some of Friedrich Nietzsche's Works. Mostly because I have way to much time I guess. 1984 is for this topice not as relevant as the other two. Todays society reminds me very much of the Brave New World. Everything is available in abundance - even sex. So, in my opinion, we should not change the world. What we should, is to encouragemore people to go the same path, as we do. If you want a better world, start with yourself. That's the way I want to shape my life.
  5. I understand what you are saying now, but i think we are already both in agreement, but got lost in the semantics. By encouraging more people to tackle their problems and start working on themselves, in effect they and we are already changing society, just look at what we are doing now, having a conversation that could potentially motivate a guest to the website or a fapstronaut to help themselves, and therefore potentially help society by provoking thought and action.

    Thats the thing with porn, it still so early days and experimental that even qualified psychotherapists dont understand the ramifications of it. Maybe if they were addicted to it, they might have a different opinion, however a lot of people get addicted to different things for different reasons, its ultimately what the individual wants for themselves and its up to them to change it if they want to. If psychotherapists are advocating the use of porn, it just goes to show there needs to be more education about the harmful effects of it, most people dont understand they are addicted to it until they try to quit using it, i didn't realise, i thought it was a healthy thing to do, until i got ED and couldn't perform, and then realised id never actually enjoyed sex as much as i did porn.

    It just goes to show porn is so main stream, even on snapchat i saw a porn award to do with pornhub, most people thinks its cool, but they just need to wait until they stop enjoying sex and need 50 tabs of different bukkake, tranny, femdom, tentacle shit to get off. They wont think its cool then, just like us. I guess im trying to say, i wish i had the education when i was young that porn is toxic and would change my brain physically and effect my relationships and habits, AND that practising semon retention is beneficial. I wonder where and how much happier i would be in myself and life right now if i never encountered it. Sure id most likely have different problems, or 'situations'. But i doubt it would have made me consider suicide.

    Having said that it comes back to the topic of your post and what we see value in, I have always tried to self improve ever since i was 16, i started nofap last year and im 27, i always found it difficult to stick to goals because my reward circuits were messed up from playing games too much as a kid, once i kicked that habit, i went more into porn, and now find the value in this community to help me overcome my issues, and im finding by talking about it, and hopefully helping others is a way of helping myself.

    Personally i think as successful nofappers once we beat our habit, its up to us as role-models for the younger generation to aspire to be like, to show them that it can be done and to raise awareness of the issue, there are agencies and debates about banning porn, but its a long way to go. Hopefully its not too late when the other 98% realises its a seriously damaging pointless past time that trickles down through and effecting every stem of social issues.

    Your right everything is in abundance, dopamine use was for gratification once a task was completed, like achieving something, or travelling 30 miles to get honey, but we are a world that has started to abuse it, and we are becoming addicted to it, and we are dying because of it, its like all civilisations, they all peak and then crumble. We are peaking at the moment, look at the statistics, less babies are being born, less love and more separated partners, more confused children that grow up resentful and full of hate, crime is increasing, sexual and violent. We run away from our problems by chasing dopamine fixes, through food, internet, porn, drugs etc. It will only be the enlightened ones that survive, or they'll get killed off by all the mad people that will be running around in the future lol.

    That's why i think we need to change and help society out.

    On a side note, i might post a separate thread, google shamanic breathing exercise, i had a very tranquil experience doing that earlier, it took my from a depressed and horny state of mind, to being incredibly present and tranquil, and iv felt great ever since.
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  6. ManAtWork

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    Too much Nietzsche, I guess... I totally agree with you! Porn is just the sh*t. It rewards you for absolutly nothing and more importantly it's always and very easy accessable. So in conclusion, highly addictive!

    Nice do that! I tried the Wim Hof Methode in the past, really good stuff!
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