Out of control energy.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by MrSalvatore001, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. MrSalvatore001

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    Just been feeling a lot of energy coursing through my body. This overdrive was neutralized by porn in the past but now that I've quit watching it just won't go away.
    I can't go out all the time as this scorching summer has been hitting all-time highs this year.
    I've tried exercising at home which helps sometimes. But I've realized that most of it is sexual energy that needs to be released on a regular basis. It can only be released through sex so I'm gonna focus on getting girls. If you guys have any suggestions on how to release sexual energy, I'll really appreciate it.
    I'm glad that I've come this far which would not have been possible without this NoFap website and you guys. Thank you for giving me hope that it's still possible to get rid of porn.
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  2. uiop2

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    What helps me is drinking A LOT of water during the day and of course peeing. And running also.
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  3. Mr. Kruger

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    I noticed the same thing around the beginning of the second week. I feel wired out sometimes like I can't relax, but it's not in an anxious kind of way. I also find myself laughing much more than I did when I was on PMO; my sense of humor is at 100%, whereas on PMO it was more like 30%.

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