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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ropie, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. ropie

    ropie Fapstronaut

    I'm still not over it completely.
    200 days passed away and I was able to survive the urges, and to be faithfull to this commitment.
    Sometimes this gave me power and much more motivation to serve others.
    On other days I felt like I'm not loved by anyone and - because I don't fap - not even by me.
    The thing is that the secret of really accepting ourselves is not solved by this. Not being in a prison does'nt mean that you can deal with freedom.
    Anyway, this 200 days was a good step in a good direction. I'm still not happy at the moment, but it does'nt matter so much. The direction is good to be well, and that's important.
    Achieving this goal - success - can add something to my ego, but it is uneffective in convincing myself that I'm acceptable. I'm still running away from my inner shame.
    Thanks to everyone who encouraged me on the way. Thanks for this community, for this site. And many thanks to God, for saving me in the dark moments.
  2. deadrole7

    deadrole7 Fapstronaut

    Congratulations man! 200 days is a huge victory.
    I'm on day 39 and somehow I can easily relate to what you wrote.I mean, of course nofap is serving us all with freedom, but I believe we need further dedication and willingness to solve our other problems like social behaviors or self acceptance.Nofap somehow drives us to realize and get in touch with our emotional problems & fix them asap, rather than escaping from them.

    I personally believe the thing about nofap is "ending the misery of being a fapper".
    Just like smoking, people quit smoking to end the misery of being a smoker.Most smokers have the illusion of getting out and enjoying a smoke, but you haven't seen a nonsmoker go outside and enjoy a "non-smoke" right?

    My point is, we still have our problems to deal with when we stop PMO.We're just not the miserable fapper that we used to be.

    Good luck on your journey mate.
  3. Asgardian36

    Asgardian36 Fapstronaut


    hey brother...I understand about not feeling loved..or not feeling connected with self. Do u meditate? have u tried it?
  4. cud

    cud Fapstronaut

    Hi Ropie,

    great accomplishement, as I see it!

    Well, I guess you have been going through some flatline or just a having a swing mood, I have been having those as well. We have to face the reality and it hurts after some time we have "fucking" with our brains and hormones, so it needs some time!

    Work with your thoughts, thats the only thing you can control. You ll be right in some time. Real man! Stick with it as long as you can, it ll pay off!!!

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  5. Saoirse

    Saoirse Guest

    Inspiring stuff. I hope to be over the 200 mark soon :)
  6. ropie

    ropie Fapstronaut

    Hey it's only 9 days away for you. You will manage! Just be aware for the valuable things in life.
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  7. UnitedUnivese

    UnitedUnivese New Fapstronaut

    Well done man 200 days sounds crazy to a newbie like me. I have just started my journey 4 days ago and i was looking for more success stories like yours to get my pumped up for this difficult time, i am hoping to be able to make it 100 days PMO free from this curse. Very inspiring and thank you for sharing.
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  8. Congratulations, you are a real hero :)
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  9. Paul Chang

    Paul Chang Fapstronaut

    Oi, Hi all
    Sorry to intrude on your thread with this message but I'm currently on the hunt to bring anyone who doesn't mind sharing their experience, confessions, daily challenges, funny moments, daily plan, deep talks, talks about this fucked up world, women, and urges, plus more.
    We are a band of younger brothers from all over the world. You'll find us in the UK, US, Philippines, and India. We are a bright young group so if we sound like the kind of group you'd like to get into and want to bring others along, we encourage you to do so.
    We are using a phone app called kik to get with each other. My username is NoBreax ,find me and I'll be able to add u into our brotherhood. Best wishes to all. Let's fight the good fight and win!
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  10. skylar_legit

    skylar_legit Fapstronaut

    inspire us all! good work. :)
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  11. thelink_jv

    thelink_jv Fapstronaut


    Congratulations man !, stays that way , taking control of your life , and strive to be someone better in all aspects . this drop is only the first step for you to be a better person. keep it up , you are an example to me.
  12. programer

    programer Fapstronaut

    Congrats Man. Keep up the good work.
  13. spartanroma2800

    spartanroma2800 Fapstronaut

    Dude, that's amazing!! This is inspiring...
  14. ropie

    ropie Fapstronaut

    Hey guys!
    Thanks a lot, for your comments!
    For me the counter was very helpful and motivating.
    I've started with a 35 day challange. When reached I doubled my counter to 70 days (half way already done). After that I thought: why not set counter to 100 days? - sounds a bit like Forest Gump running from one shore to another...
    You may already heard that, but the point is that the current goal was something that I could imagine to do, but it was not too easy to reach. - referring to the Flow.

    And one more thing: if I could do it, you can do it! Go, set your counter!
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  15. ropie

    ropie Fapstronaut

    Not to run away from my inner shame? Accept that it will allways find me? Sounds weird enough to be interested in! How on earth could I get let myself to feel inner shame? Interesting mystery. Thx
  16. ropie

    ropie Fapstronaut

    250 days clean
  17. skylar_legit

    skylar_legit Fapstronaut

    woow...200 days?? cool..!
  18. coolguyla

    coolguyla Fapstronaut

    That's great dude! Congrats! You are an inspiration.

    I just started my new streak yesterday, hoping I can have a similar success story! :)
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  19. ropie

    ropie Fapstronaut

    Thanks, you can do it as well. One day at a time (sometimes it takes only some minutes till the urge goes away)!
  20. ropie

    ropie Fapstronaut

    Dude, it's 250 now. And you have already commented this one month ago. :-D
    Anyway, it's still good to recieve appreciaring comments.

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