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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by programer, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. programer

    programer Fapstronaut

    Hi there!

    It has been long since I posted a success story here.

    Ok so it has been over 365 of cold showers. Cold showers have helped me alot. They have increased my willpower greatly. My skin health has been boosted. My hair looks great and has also improved alot. Basically, I am now addicted to cold showers.

    Congrats to all those who have stayed strong and refused to give u. Let us keep up this Nofap war for Victory. It is worth it and even more.
  2. BlackKnight

    BlackKnight Fapstronaut

    When you took your cold showers, did you start instantly with cold, or did you go from warm to cold?
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  3. programer

    programer Fapstronaut

    I started Instantly. Cold showers are the best thing in this lifetime.
  4. im_alive

    im_alive Fapstronaut

    well done @programer!

    @swordrain - I'm on day 85 of having scottish showers. Start hot, end cold. Once I get to 100 I'm going full on cold showers.
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  5. Strivefwd

    Strivefwd Fapstronaut

    I sometimes start it at lukewarm and then end with cold. However more often than less, I start it cold and I progressively move my entire body under the shower until I'm fully immersed.
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  6. xedger

    xedger Guest

    Why's that Scottish?
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  7. fapequalsdeath

    fapequalsdeath Fapstronaut

    I took a 5 minute cold shower and got sick. Haven't tried it ever since, but it appears my immune system was not ready yet for it. I might resume the practice as it is currently hot summer, and cold showers could bring only benefits.
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  8. Rkhearn

    Rkhearn Fapstronaut

    It's my first day and I tried my first cold shower, I live in Texas and I took the shower at about 3 o'clock so the water wasn't really that cold lol
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  9. a3a

    a3a Fapstronaut

    What are some tips you have learned along the way to continue taking cold showers?
  10. therealjocab

    therealjocab Fapstronaut

    I tried cold showers and gave up on them. I'm very glad they work for you. I wish they did for me too (I feel no benefit : / )
  11. Drillyyy

    Drillyyy New Fapstronaut

  12. im_alive

    im_alive Fapstronaut

    I think it comes from the James Bond novels, but not 100% sure. Someone else on the forums mentioned it.
  13. xedger

    xedger Guest

    Yeah I've looked it up since. Initially I thought it was a humorous reference to the stereotype of Scots being frugal and not turning the heating on!
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  14. SLIPZ19

    SLIPZ19 Fapstronaut

    I'm about 16 days in! It's been really great, pushing me into areas I never thought but I am still struggling to quit smoking weed so I am not sure how strong the benefits of the cold showers have been. I must say that it does significantly improve your mood and I find myself stressing less since I've taken up cold showers.
  15. Dizzy Lotus

    Dizzy Lotus Fapstronaut

    I'm not quite sure what counts as cold, if I recall correctly, I shower at 26°C. That's cold enough, right? At least 11 degrees colder than most people, at least.
  16. programer

    programer Fapstronaut

    Well most of us don't know the benefits of cold showers. Lemi post a link to the benefits. To answer your question, I take full cold showers. It was not easy starting them but Now I love them. I am addicted to them.

    Just start small & you will get used to them.
  17. programer

    programer Fapstronaut

  18. Dizzy Lotus

    Dizzy Lotus Fapstronaut

    So you shower every day? I only shower every day during testweeks, normally I only do it three times a week so I use less water.
  19. I'm going on a couple weeks now. Ice cold showers, dial does not come off the coldest setting.

    I'm hooked, HOOKED I SAY :D!

    They are so amazing both psychologically and physiologically, some info if I may, and very nice to hear @programer I look forward to joining the 1 year club :)


    Cold Shower Therapy for Improved Health
    May 22, 2014


    Unless you live in a hot climate, this is not one of the more pleasant home therapies listed on this website! However, we've added it to our Earth Clinic because we find the therapy of immense value. The practice of taking cold showers in the morning is extraordinarily revitalizing and has been used therapeutically all over the world for thousands of years. Cold Shower Therapy is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy with numerous health benefits such as treating anxiety and depression, improving circulation and toning skin.

    Gurudev Khar Khalsa, a Sat Nam Rasayan healer and Kundalini Yoga teacher in Los Angeles sent us this information on the healing power of cold showers.

    "Cold Water Massage Therapy is the one of the healthiest and inexpensive of therapies. Simply massage the body with almond oil before taking a shower. Shower in cold water until your body temperature rises and no longer feels cold, but toasty and warm. Make sure the bathroom is heated. Never get out of a cold shower into a cold room.

    *** Please note: Cold showers should not be taken during a woman's time of menstruation. A woman needs extra rest and gentleness during her menses. Taking a cold shower is too much for the reproductive system during menstruation. A lukewarm shower is recommended. Generally speaking, hot showers are not good as they tend to depress the various physiological systems of the body.

    Cold showers have the following positive effects:

    * Brings blood to the capillaries, therefore increasing circulation throughout the body.

    * Cleans the circulatory system.

    * Reduces blood pressure on internal organs.

    * Provides flushing for the organs and provides a new supply of blood.

    * Strengthens the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.

    * Contracts the muscles to eliminate toxins and poisonous wastes.

    * Strengthens the mucous membranes, which help resist hay fever, allergies, colds, coughs.

    Many health problems are reduced or even eliminated over time by providing proper circulation of the blood to the affected area using the cold shower massage.

    "Ishnan" is the term used in the old days when people in India referred to cold showers (very cold showers). "Ishnan" is the point at which the body, by its own virtue, creates the temperature that it can beat off the coldness of the water. This happens when the capillaries open with the onset of the cold water. They close again during the course of the cold shower and it is at that point that all the blood rushes back to flush the organs and the glands. This process allows the glands to renew their secretions and "youth" (i.e. young glands) again returns to the body."
  20. im_alive

    im_alive Fapstronaut

    Could well be a bit of that!

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