Over 60 days and i feel so good!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Rafa, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Rafa

    Rafa Fapstronaut

    Hi guys, i wanted to share with you how i feel. I started my journey hardmode (i knew if i kept fapping i would relapse) and in the beggining it was very difficult (first 2 weeks), felt the symptoms that people usually tell:

    Mood variations and the urges were a lot more intense, but the benefits are so worthy and i feel a lot better. What really helped me to focus and not relapse was praying and when i had strong urges i would read the supportive messages in the forum.

    The Benefits:

    1 - I feel that i can become closer to God as a christian.
    2 - I don't feel guilty anymore or ashamed like i used to when talking to people and i can look everyone in the eye while talking. (in my mind i felt like i was always accusing myself because of porn).
    3 - Lots of confidence and as a result i noticed more girls looking at me. I had never even kissed a girl before starting NoFap and now im dating one.
    4 - I started working out and i feel more disposed to do things.
    5 - I used to had a lot of bad thoughts about women because of the distorted view porn creates and i dont have this anymore.

    I hope i'll tell my parents soon about all this stuff and everything i've been through, i know it's been only over 60 days but i feel completely free of fapping and porn but must keep vigilant.

    Thank you whoever created this amazing community and God bless you! I will continue to visit the forums to support others too!
    Sorry for any english mistakes.


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  2. Hey Rafael,

    It's really nice to hear that you are doing well, and that you have been reaping great benefits out of your journey.

    I am personally also pursuing NoFap for spiritual reasons. I want to become closer to myself and love everybody around me unconditionally. I have also read that porn, masturbation and orgasm cause a stutter, which I have developed over the past few years and hope to get rid of.

    Praying has also helped me in my journey so far, along with cold showers, exercise and meditation.

    Thanks for posting! You help us know that we can beat this.
  3. Rafa

    Rafa Fapstronaut

    Thank you, good luck on your journey be strong and God bless my friend!
  4. greatconquerer

    greatconquerer Fapstronaut

    Hello. you said that porn masturbation and orgasm cause a stutter.. I am utterly surprised because I am facing the same problem since several months which has seemed to surface out of nowhere. Thanks to you now I know the reason and one more thing has added to my list of why I should not masturbate.All the best in your journey, mate..
  5. anjunabeats

    anjunabeats Fapstronaut

    You are a bad ass love it man
  6. LegoT

    LegoT Fapstronaut

    Good for you man! I am coming up on day 60 this week. I can already agree with most everything you've said here. As a fellow Christian prayer is definitely a big help. Keep it up!
  7. JoelJJ777

    JoelJJ777 Fapstronaut

    Man, this post is awesome, you really inspired me. I take this post as a gift from God because just before reading your post I was feeling the urge to MO, but it went away when thinking about all the benefits I could experience if I resist.

    I am a Christian as well and my main purpose is to glorify God through my life. I want to tell others there is hope just like you are doing!

    Man, keep posting this kind of material.

    May the Almighty bless you!
  8. Time4aChange

    Time4aChange Fapstronaut

    That's awesome dude. Never give in! I see you're at 81 days now. I can't wait to get to that point! Thanks for being a great example and showing us all that it's possible to overcome this :)
  9. ChasteB!

    ChasteB! Fapstronaut

    Thats great dude, I will get there too, soon. Thanks for encouraging.
  10. gesginting

    gesginting Fapstronaut

    Thanks dude,
    reading what you have written make feel more conviced to get my goal
    i agree about what you said that mastrubation and orgasm cause a stutter.
    and make me feel guilty.
    and praying can help me not to relapse
    it's great dude
  11. Rafa

    Rafa Fapstronaut

    Thank all you guys for the amazing support! I'm almost at 90 days now and before taking this challenge i would think this was IMPOSSIBLE for me but now i know how much i can do for myself if i really try, keep strong guys and God bless!
  12. adityaa

    adityaa New Fapstronaut


    what a great forum. wow..what an awesome knowledge is consider in this post. I am agree with you.
    This post is good, whenever I just visit blogs I comes across some shitty articles written for search engines and irritate users but this information is quite good. It is simple, good and straightforward.
  13. Pgregory

    Pgregory Guest

    Hello all,
    Stuttering is caused by a problem in the brain that regulates speech flow. Stuttering is NOT caused by porn, masturbation and orgasm. This belief comes from some very old myths about stuttering and they are not true.
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  14. Knight11

    Knight11 Fapstronaut

    Hey iwilltakecontrolofmylife and Rafael.I struggled a lot with my relationship with God.i had a feeling of intense guilt in my heart everytime i knelt for prayer.But the best part was Our God accpets the way we are.so i decided one thing even before i found this Nofap,i ran closer to God as soon as i Fapped,coz i started sharing with Him how i feel about fapping.Rather than feeling depressed and worried about my nxt challenge i would talk to God open up feelings to God.Thats a way of exchanging positive feelings from God for our negative feelings because of porn.Hope you get much closr to God in the coming days.good luck guys :)
  15. Haniff

    Haniff Guest

    Wow... keep up the good work bro. :)
  16. coolmike87

    coolmike87 Fapstronaut

    keep it up man. don't stop and don't forget where you came from. my only concern and criticism of this site is how quickly people claim to "get it" and that they are changed. if you were truly addicted to porn this is still something you are going to have to battle and help others with in order to truly recover. congrats man
  17. socratescomplex

    socratescomplex Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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