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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Lollipop101, Oct 22, 2020.

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    Whenever I relapse - I often do it over and over again until I am completely worn out/disgusted with myself. It is like once I start it - I can not seem to stop it until my body can not do it anymore. Any tips on how to fix this? Or anyone have any good apps/extensions for a phone? I have this one on my web browser where I have to type a very long and complicated paragraph to get past it and even one mistake makes me start all over again so that is a help for me as it allows me to stop myself and think in time before a reset.
    I also feel like I am relapsing to despicable things and things that should not be getting me turned on... Idk I guess this is just a rant post but also a cry for help.

    Any advice appreciated!
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    I experience something similar, but not so much to do it over and over again to wear myself out into abject disgust, but more so to drain my nuts of all the built-up sperm/semen retained after many days of sobriety, as if one O does not lead to a full ejaculation, but somewhere around three Os achieve a full emptying, as far as I imagine and experience the feeling of it anyway. The three occasions of O become somehow the one complete act (a full discharge), just like a few wanks of one's dong does not complete a full satisfying M, but it takes many wanks to achieve the end of M. Okay, enough of this shit. Ha!

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    Hi there,

    I think what you have described is called a binge. It feels tough to control one's self in such situations, I think as one progresses in his streaks he/she finds it easier to get self control over a binge. But the main factor about this matter is to be Aware. The more aware we are the more control we can have over ourselves. A blocker may help to delay the cause of a relapse but it will not prevent it, so if we do not feed our subconscious with awareness, a blocker won't stop us from binging.

    Feeding ourselves about awareness is based on everything we do, say or believe in our lifestyle. And when it comes specifically to PMO, all these factors could play a role in self awareness:

    1- Cutting any triggering material or tool and avoiding the triggering moments and places.
    2-Journaling daily and self analysis about ourselves: This used to help me when I get into a relapsing cycle again, when I review my strategy, routine and tips to avoid PMO and get a better lifestyle, modify them and recommit to practice them again, I quickly get out of the cycle.
    3- Reading and studying Rebooting materials, any information about Nofap, harms of PMO tips or general self improvement is like a fuel that is burning in a car engine, if you wanna get keep the car going, you need to keep the fuel flowing.
    4- Solving an inner cause of the relapse: sometimes a relapse happens due to some feeling of anger, boredom, depression. Why is that feeling ? what is the source that is causing it ? how to treat it now and improve this spot of life ? This is related to point 2 as well.

    I would recommend you to use an additional counter as a monthly counter that is based on an excel sheet, in which you may register any relapse and then you can compare your progress to the previous months, instead of resetting each time on the daily counter, which looks demotivating sometimes.

    Regarding Blockers, I remember I used some blocker on Phone as (stay focused app blocker). (Adguard).

    However, I concluded these as a helpful tips to treat it:

    As you practice such tips and methods, the amount of binge and even a relapse will be eliminated by time.
    Good luck and keep the good spirit!
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    IMO the best thing you can do is asking for professional help: try to tarlk with a psychologist, even better if she/he is specialized in sexuology. I know it's an expensive way, but I think is the most effective and reliable measure you can take to help you.
    On app store of Android and IOS you can find a lot of VPNs aimed to resolve your problem: I use a combination of Truple Web Filter (a VPN), Appblock (which locks the access to the on/off switch of the VPN) and Incoquito (which blocks me from going on Chrome Incognito mode). This combination, at least for me, is highly efficient, but pay attenction: it works at 99%, not 100%. Some footage, some pictures will always slip away from the VPN: a VPN capable of filtering the 100% of your internet traffic doesn't exist. The best method for avoiding binging on porn is your own willpower (something on psychologist can work and the reason I'm advising professional help).
    Have a nice day Lollipop101!
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