Overeating (on a diet for gains)

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    I have started commiting to a diet with a menu for the goal of bodybuilding and strength. I consume about 2700calories a day (I'm 19). But there is times I have to overeat in order to get them all in, 2hour space between meals (which is pretty small) when I wake up late. This gives me urges, there is times where I need to eat fast (not fast food) because I'm at work. Just for the protocol, this is not binge eating or junk food cravings but an healthy menu.

    Bottom line- main question is why it gives me urges if I'm eating healthy and sticking to a diet, but have to sometimes eat alot in order to get all of the calories in. Hope you guys get me, cheers!

    (Dont know if it's considered overeating, but sometimes I force myself because I never been in such menu and ate the amount of food I do now , and Its needed in order to gain some weight).
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  2. I think the term you are looking for is "Force-Feeding".
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