Overeating, specifically portion sizes

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Hostage, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Hostage

    Hostage Fapstronaut

    Hi there - although I exercise a lot, I'm still overweight because I find portion sizes to be a real struggle for me.

    I've just bought a plate on the Internet which will show me portion sizes.

    Do any of you guys have any tips on how to stop eating rather than just eating everything in sight?

  2. Eagersalmon

    Eagersalmon Fapstronaut

    What kind of exercise are we talking?
    How big are you?
    What are your fitness goals?

    If you want to loose weight i'm happy to help but we need more information man.
  3. Hostage

    Hostage Fapstronaut

    Thank you, Abel. I like the water and the slow rating points. I know the fibre stuff.

    Eagersalmon's questions answered..

    Exercise? About six miles of walking every day.

    How overweight? I'm on the boundary between overweight and obese using the British government's body mass index calculation.
  4. Eagersalmon

    Eagersalmon Fapstronaut

    Well in that case walking probably is your best bet until you get your diet straight. It's likely that you will struggle to "stop eating". If it's like anything else habit based your body will kick up a fit if you start starving it. I would suggest replacing high-cal snacks with calorie neutral foods. Celery, salad ect. You can eat as much as you want of the stuff and gain nothing. Of course your body will likely crave high calories so a bit of discipline is gonna be necessary. The best and easiest way to loose weight is to modify diet.

    When you talk portion sizes it's really a bit misleading. Some foods at certain sizes are absolute killers. So if you're really into eating healthy it's going to require some dedication and probably research. Learn how to make lower calorie meals and know what to stay away from. Hell, if dieting was easy everyone would be fit.

    Once you get your weight down a bit maybe consider some higher intensity exercise? Don't get me wrong, walking is great. But high intensity exercise seems to really help with health all round. Anyway man, get your diet straight. Hope it goes well :)
  5. Hostage

    Hostage Fapstronaut

    Thanks, mate!

    It's going to be a long road but I'll do it.

    I'll cook a load of brown rice early in the week and have things like celery, carrots and beetroot on hand for snacking.
  6. Renewedvizion

    Renewedvizion Fapstronaut

    Hey Hostage the best advice from me would eat what God has intended you to eat. Veggies, rice, potato, fish, chicken, stay away from the processed carbs right now such as breads, bagels, pastas, etc. Also tons of info on youtube, although some isn't so good but overall some good info out there.
  7. vizsla

    vizsla Fapstronaut

    Renewedvizion has it almost right
    Just drop the rice and potatoes

    Three best things for you are to
    1) get and read "Wheat Belly" by William Davis (a cardiologist) and see how screwed up the food pyramid is, and why so few people do lose any weight

    2) And then go to
    And watch the WHOLE movie, on hulu FOR FREE.
    Witness two utterly amazing transformations

    Personally, I lost 21lbs in 14 days, and felt the best I have ever felt in a decade. AND I was never hungry - not once

    3) get read and live "primal blueprint" by mark sisson

    Fell free to pm back with any questions

    Lastly, two other flicks to catch are : "fed up" and "forks over knives"
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  8. tgravink

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    Hi hostage,
    I also was unaware of portion sizes and how much calories were in specific foods etc. I also ate way too much protein and not enough vegetables and fruits. I am very active working out 5 or 6 days per week, so I was not over weight but I still wanted to learn more about portion sizes and eating healthy.

    One night I saw an infomercial about a workout program called the 21 day fix. The whole system is based on 30 minute workouts and specific portion sizes based on your weight. It also breaks down how much protein, vegetables, healthy fats, fruits, carbs, seeds and oils you should eat each day.

    They supply you with color coded containers making it easy to measure. As long as it fits you can eat it. I ended up losing 10 lbs and 5% body fat in 21 days. I would highly recommend trying this program.

    I was amazed how many vegetables and fruits I could eat compared to the calories I ate. It took a few days to adjust, but now months later I still stick to this Mon - Fri. I documented my journey and review of the product at www.21-day-fix-review.com

    I hope this helps, and either way I hope you meet your goals.

    Best of luck,

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