Oversleeping, Please Help Me

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Ameeet, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. Ameeet

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    Hi guys, I'm on day 12 I had a habit of sleeping too much huge amount of sleep I need, sometimes half of the day this lead me to many problems like

    Premature Aging, Headache, Fatigue, Back Pain, Depression

    There are to more. This is not from i started rebooting, I think it's when I started pmo 11 yr ago, I didn't recognize it, I didn't try know it

    I can't sleep without watching television daily, sometimes television still on till the morning or watching porn can this lead me to oversleeping?

    Many times these was happen I wake up early around 5 or 6o'clock I do walking, running, exercise etc then I come home I need sleep then I will wake around 11 or 12

    Now it's getting over

    Please help me out or you could give me information what is this? How could I overcome it! Where it's come from? Is there pmo lead me this?
  2. SandsOfTime

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    I guess you have lot of free time.. you have not mentioned about your work. If you don't have then do a good job make your self busy in the earning. Go gym and take proper diet. Don't use coffee or any sugar related things.
    If you are living alone then it's dangerous. Live in public. Take hostel till you get rid of this bad addiction.
  3. Ameeet

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    Yeah! Its true i dnt have much work to do coz I'm drop out from college I don't have much education to get good job I try to find job but it's not that much worth but!
    I started to complete my education, improving my English, exercise for 20mins a day, learning how to do meditation, reading books, household works, guitar practice etc &
    No I'm not alone person I stay with family
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  4. Uncomfortably Numb

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    Sometimes I wish I had your problem... I was awake at 1am, 2.45 and 3.30 this morning.
    Finally gave up at 4.30!!!
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  5. Ameeet

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    Haha transferable,
    But if you wish to sleep early switch off all distraction electronic specially, before 1 hour.
    And try to relax ur mind you can read a books, write a journal on a personal dairy, or write next day goals etc
  6. SandsOfTime

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    Good. Atleast you are staying with family. Just do any part time jobs. Do all the possibilities to make you busy. This is the time to learn and earn as much as before you involved in a relationship. Your this busy things only save you from all kind of addictions and you will thanks to it.

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