Ownership for my actions ( Journal Entry )

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by shren-san, Nov 18, 2020.

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    Critical Moment
    Today I gave myself the permission to surf the internet and reading useless books rather than actually working towards my goal of studying 6 hours daily for a big test that I have coming up. I gave myself the permission to watch productivity YouTube videos and then it led to me spending time in discord servers and not studying for my test.

    Yeah it's okay to watch this video dude, if anything it is helping you out in your reboot, it's not messing up your progress or anything, it's just another YouTube video

    Brain Bridge

    I am the kind of person who loves delayed gratification, I thrive on it, I hate it when I give in to this stupid urges of watching YouTube videos, I hate not doing my work right here right now and putting it off to my future self, I hate it when these stupid decision I make hurt my reboot progress, in fact I love when I complete my studying goals that propel me forward to my goal of getting a good mark on my test, I love the feeling of accomplishment I feel when I have mastered a subject and score good marks on my test, I don't care of the pain the urges cause me because I know that I am studying for my future and that will not only help me but also that'd make my parents proud of me. The urges are just itches that will pass away if I just turn that energy into my studies for a little bit, next time when I feel like I want to watch another YouTube video or visit Discord I will just work for 20-minutes and if I feel motivated to work more I will and if I don't I will let me take a small nap or do some puzzles that will keep me sharper and I wont become dead-eyed like when I watch YouTube videos.

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