P.A.W.S. - what are they, cure, duration

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    How long your flatline
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    I really need the help guys...if anybody has any advice and techniques on it, I'd really appreciate it
  3. What does "rewire" mean?

    About PAWS, I might have it. Flatlined worse than ever. Dead. Sore. Tired. Indifferent. Anhedonia.

    I guess it's a waiting game to heal.

    Then I think, ah this reboot is too hard. Why not relapse?

    But I come around. Bad idea.

    Then I go back to waiting...
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    2 years
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    Yo guys, currently on a 9 month steak here, last couple of days horrible fatigue hit me, like I’m sleeping 16 hours a day minimum. Anyways, you guys think it’s a bad idea to ejaculate with my girlfriend? 20 years old, she knows about my situation, I went from horrible PIED to daily morning woods after we first forced an ejaculation through oral sex. Didn’t feel any worse for 3 months, things started looking up. Was able to ejaculate through oral sex, felt cured in a way. All of a sudden I got hit with these fatigue and depression symptoms and now I don’t know what to do. No porn or masturbation though
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    Hey guys,

    Been a while since I checked in here.

    Free of porn 256 days, free of MO 184 days. (1 MO relapse day of that first streak)

    I've also quit using guided meditations at night about 3 weeks ago. I didn't want to rely on my phone/nor look at blue light before bed. Over the last 3 weeks, I noticed myself ruminating at night, thinking a lot. Anxiety was more present in the last few weeks, which lead to some days being fatigued. I'm finding more anxious triggers, definitely hard to contend with at times. I do feel that "overwhelm" feeling at times when I'm anxious, but I'd say I'm better at dealing with it.

    Keep in mind guys, the severity of the initial withdrawal can cause a trauma loop. Meaning, your mind might auto react to certain things giving you anxiety/feelings of fatigue due to the intense emotions you felt at first. Very important to sort through those on your recovery or you will continue to experience them.

    My dreaming has been quite lucid over the last 3-4 months, more so as of late, which I suppose is a good sign.

    I'm not where I want to be obviously, far from it, there has been progress since the start. Slow and steady steps.

    Also, I truly believe the issue is more of a serotonin nature for us than a dopamine one.
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    Sadly I couldn't help because I myself am in a exact same situation when it comes to fatigue, I feel like passing out due to fatigue, always sleepy.
    I don't know what to do, guys!! anyone has any idea?
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    Did you have acne as a symptom?
    How were you at 10 months in?
  9. I completed 20 months of retention yesterday and there is even better news: I'm officially out of PAWS.

    When I quit drinking years ago I suffered from PAWS big time. I found out about it about nine months into sobriety when I was looking online for answers while wondering why it felt like I was losing my fucking mind. 21 months into sobriety I woke up one morning and just knew I had made it to the other side.

    While going through PAWS this time around for sex/masturbation addiction my symptoms have been gradually easing. Libido and mental acuity have been steadily improving while fatigue and brain fog have been diminishing. Although there has been steady improvement I woke up this morning and had the same feeling I had 21 months into sobriety from alcohol: I made it to the other side. Unfortunately I can't really elaborate on that, it is simply a feeling deep down inside.

    Today I feel absolutely amazing, I can't even remember the last time I felt this alive before. Semen retention is no joke, I'm a believer.

    Although there is no substitute for time I also credit two practices which I've introduced only recently for helping me in the final lap: meditation and enemas (this is not a joke). I've practiced meditation half-heartedly in the past but no longer. Minimum of 30 minutes everyday and most days I manage two 30 minute sessions per day. Regarding enemas they have not only cleared out my impacted bowels but they have also allowed the sexual energy at my root chakra to travel freely.

    This is in addition to intense weight training, intermittent fasting, drinking lots of water, cold showers, and minimalist living which I've been doing for years. Semen retention is the cornerstone to my disciplined lifestyle as it should be.

    Life is beautiful. God is beautiful.

    It might be time to finally start dating again. We'll see.
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    @Grateful Retainer Congratulations man. Good to see another soldier making' it to the other side.
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    Just whatever you do, I wouldn’t hop back into dating too quickly. If I were you, I’d still practice retention just for a couple more months to be on the safe side.
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    Is it pure hardmode for 20+ months or there were some relapses?
    I also would be grateful if you elaborate on fatigue and depression, did they also subside gradually?
  14. Thanks for the well wishes everybody, it means a lot to me. I just want to give back to the community by spreading my message of hope. Also I agree that it would be prudent to continue with retention a little while longer before dating again.

    Thankfully I didn't really have depression this time except for bad days here and there. Depression was a killer when I was going through alcohol related PAWS. On a side note, I think part of the reason PAWS has been relatively mild for me this time is because I've already gone through it once before.

    This was 20 months of semen retention except for an involuntary ejaculation about a month ago or so. I didn't watch porn, masturbate, or have sex. I'll admit to having a bunch of sexual thoughts throughout the process but that didn't bother me. When I got sober it didn't matter to me whether or not I thought about drinking as long as I wasn't drinking. I applied the same mindset to this challenge.

    I had my ups and downs with fatigue but the overall trend was slow and gradual improvement. A few weekends I was completely bedridden with fatigue, especially during the first year. There was a long stretch, especially while briefly unemployed, where I would shut down for three hours in the afternoon and take a nap. I wouldn't even be tired it was my body just sending the order to shut down so the brain could work overtime in repairing itself.

    Headaches were also bad during the first year and gradually got better. Right now my head feels fresh, I can't think of a better word to describe it.
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    Thanks for the detailed reply, wish you the best in life, stay sober man:)
  16. Congrats fam. I'm not out of the wood yet. But I can't wait to share my own testimonies. If someone told me years ago that pmo reboot was this hard, I would have told them they are fully of shit. My respect goes to everyone who made to the other side or even embarked to the nofap lifestyle.
    Congrats again
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    I Wanna suicide guys. I've been in flatline 6 years ago but continuing masturbating EVERY DAY with a hard flaccid dick... I never know about nofap or flatline... Pied until 2014, in 2015 started flatline but I ignored it(my flatline strarted when I was circumcised and for a week I can't masturbate bacause the operation and I lost all my sex drive) . I don't know a case like mine.. I don't know what to do... If people here abstain and then they are in flatline for like 20 months without orgasm.. How can I cure if I PMOing every day continuing orgasms in flatline for 6 years?... I'm trying to find someone like me I'm disperate.. I am The worst case on internet probably.
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    @Grateful Retainer
    When did your libido start showing signs of life?
    I’m at month 10 now and mine is still poor!
  19. I think around month 16 or so is when it first started coming back
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    Sorry for my English can someone see my post here

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