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Is Cutting Out Just Porn Okay?

  1. Yes, go ahead and masturbate if you need.

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  2. No, you should try to do both together.

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  3. Full PMO or nothing at all.

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  1. Ive been struggling with this addiction for nearly 20 years. I can't go full PMO because I have to consider my wife's needs, but I'm finding PM to be extremely difficult. Do you think it's okay to just try to cut out porn for now, then try to cut out masturbation later if possible?
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    While I'm totally digging your name, I'm of the mindset of cutting PM out completely.

    Why is it difficult? Perhaps we can give some advice.
  3. In the past, whenever I would get aroused, for whatever reason, I would run off to PM. Im finding it very difficult to just walk away. Im thinking it might make the transition easier if I can still M when I need to as long as Im not relying on P. Once I have controlled that a bit, then i can take the next step.
  4. Have you told her about your addiction mate?
  5. She knows I've had the problem. Not that it is currently a major issue.
  6. Well, that is good. Some couples decide to do the No PMO thing together in full cooperation. Then it is a shared project with benefits to both when completed. :) No P or M or O - hard mode is the quickest and most effective way to reboot.
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    You can cut out PMO your wife wants you well. I am in a 30 day reboot with my husband who is the PA- I'm not worried about my needs at all
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    This is usually called "easy mode" and yeah, Gary Wilson recommends at least doing that. But I'm really struggling here, as I found this book, which has sound arguments against just cutting down and argues that cold turkey is the best way to go.
    You can read it here, if you want https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.p...op-smoking-applying-the-method-to-pmo.155008/

  9. I think one can have sex but we must try to cut out P and M both.
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    Honestly get rid of both for faster results one is synonymous with the other if that you wasnt the case I don't think most of us would be here but I'm speaking just from experience I didn't Masturbate until I saw my first p movie
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  11. Kill it with fire.

    You sound like the average NoFap newcomer, which is good because you will get the best advice. Cut it out conpletely. The way to do this is to preoccupy yourself with a productive activity, such as exercise, construction, coding, reading...something that will effectively inspire you to not PMO.
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