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    Hello everyone

    I need a little advice from my you all. As you know we are all here fighting PMO, but my addiction is mainly of mastrubation i am not into Porn as such(this is just what u think, i could be wrong for all i know).

    So i just had a 6 day streak that came to an end yesterday. I was going good, but yesterday at night i was hit by this huge urge, i started talking to this girl who i kissed sometime back and then relapsed. but this was not the end of it, i have relapsed 6 times in past 24 hrs. A fellow fapstronaut was suggesting that we should focus on abstinence from P as masturbation is natural. but in my case it is not as u can see, i divert to viewing porn after fapping once or twice.

    also, the real reason here is that too much of M is ruining my life, i feel low and underconfident have fucked up my work and pretty much my emotional stability is all gone.

    what should i do now? all the help and guidance is appreciated
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    I'm in the same boat as you friend, was addicted to MO. I'm currently on my 20th day clean, what has been really working for me is the usual thing you'll read here: exercise, good diet, plenty of sleep, cold showers, staying busy and away from the house as much as is realistically possible. But you absolutely have to make the decision that M isn't an option anymore. Take a good hard look at when/where you cave in to desire, and also look at what you are thinking/doing that gets you aroused. Try and avoid said things/situations as much as you can.

    That being said, it's no picnic quitting this. There are gonna be times where the only thing stopping you from relapsing is you. For myself, I've made a solid decision that MO isn't an option anymore, no matter how much my addict brain makes me suffer. I'm done with that life. And even only 20 days in I feel so much better. Its totally worth the suffering. You can do it!
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    Sounds like you answered your own question.
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    In my opinion, the problem with too much masturbation is almost the same as porn : get instant pleasure and quick fixes. I said "almost" because I have stronger O when I use porn, and also because the backlash I get is worse with PMO. In both cases, abstinence is pretty much the only short term solution.

    If you consider you want to masturbate after a while, its up to you, but I would go against it because, when you used to have an addictive behavior, its too easy to just slide again into it. Other than that, in this forum you will find plenty of information about how to handle urges and keep working on overcoming the pornography addiction (which can be applied to masturbation addiction as well).
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