Panic attack due to binging?

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  1. Hi, since this quarantine has hit I have really struggled to control my porn usage and it has gotten really out of hand, I have been going on small streaks followed by a couple of days where I would just binge a shit tone. Yesterday I was still on a streak and binge relapsed early in the morning, soon after this I had a panic attack thinking I was going to die followed by a mental breakdown where I was crying for a good two hours, luckily I had the support of my family but I am still feeling pretty anxious plus pressure near my heart or chest to be less specific. This experience has opened my eyes to the seriousness of this addiction and how carrying on indulging it could damage me even more which seems surprising regarding how shit I feel most of the time. I plan on never relapsing, edging or binging again in my life and have a monk mode style plan to change my life for the better.

    Has anyone experienced panic attacks like this possibly to do with binging and edging?
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    Very well written.....
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    Yup. It got so bad that I came to the realization that PMO was absolutely ruining my well being. Now my streak is at 36 days and counting.
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    I've had worse things than panic attacks ... I'm not going to mention these because it won't be useful to most users.You understand that this addiction hurts you.Try to do productive things, don't spend time with your phone, laptop and other bullshits.Control yourself.Be strong, mate.
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    I've experienced a panic attack today. Because I had relapsed for the first time in the last 7 months by using my hand. The cure for this is that we should all have a positive mindset no matter what happens.
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    One danger of quitting cold turkey is that your body will quickly lose tolerance to drugs(porn), so if you relapse and then take your usual amount of the drug(porn), you have a higher risk of overdose(withdrawls, panic attacks, mental breakdown, heart palpitations).
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    So i suggest if you decided to relapse and cant help yourself just do it without porn cuz the damage will be be 10 times worse with porn

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