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"PANIC BUTTON" for windows and other useful tools

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by JonesC, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. JonesC

    JonesC New Fapstronaut

    My first post here, put much work into it (sorry, I had to remove links, because they are not allowed :/). Please share if you think there are even more useful tools!:

    For windows (and Mac):

    iChooseTo (by appsofuse): "Panic button" (probably not intended as such xd) & conscious computer usage
    This (relatively new) program allows you to lock yourself out of your computer by pressing a hotkey ("Breaks"). It also has some other paid features which you can deactivate by disabling "start automatically".

    FocusMe (paid): Block applications and Websites
    This one is goddamn expensive, but you can also block keywords and specific websites. Also has an forced mode which is quite difficult to get around (I didn't succeed (and I don't want to))


    iChooseTo (by appsofuse): Mindful smartphone usage
    Asks you if you really want to use specific apps (or even if you want to use your device). Really helpful. Better than blocking is when you don't use your phone for this stuff in the first place!

    ***: Block adultcontent, websites, apps, and also keywords!

    FocusMe: website, app and keyword block

    For everyone:

    Clean Browsing: Block Adult Content with DNS
    allows you to block all adult content and even to set google & yt to safe mode. I recommend it more than OpenDNS, bc you can post unblocked sites in a forum and they will be blocked!

    Kind regards
  2. JonesC

    JonesC New Fapstronaut

    ******** = blocker x

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