Panic & Relapse

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Jayaar, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. Jayaar

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    Rules for this thread:
    1. Post when you have just relapsed or in panic mode.
    2. Don't trigger any other members with the details
    3. Let this be about emotions rather than scientific
    4. This is a thread for support
    5. Don't forget to follow this thread so you don't lose it.
  2. lantti

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    1. panic mode, no relapses yet
    2. okay, let's just say that last two days my monk-mode has been slipping and my thoughts are wandering dangerously close to peril

    I feel like shit, and unlike in the previous days I don't have the "let's do this" attitude. I'm totally fucked emotionally. Heavy weights are getting heavier and I cannot find strength to continue. I know I need to start routines immediately, I need to fight, but it's like I'm totally dependent on the computer to give me my daily dopamine, and thus doing stuff in real world is a chore.

    It doesn't help the situation, that I'm totally alone with this shit. Nothing helps, actually. I just feel like shit, and going on is the only way. Only goddamn way. I try to feel something, but it's hard, because flatline is about losing all feelings. I feel dark and blank.
  3. Jayaar

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    Yep, the thing is we feel really good when we don't M. Your confidence level goes up, work is better, life is better and then in a blink you are like browsing a million pictures or videos! The wise thing is you feel damn empty when your done! Yet we go back! It'slike telling someone to punch you for no reason.

    Thanks for sharing the first rant Lantti. I will be here if you ever need to just let some steam out.
  4. bar the gaul

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    Relapsed twice yesterday. FIrst was asking for a masseuse to jack me off (which she didnt, but still felt like a relapse) and the second was orgasming with my SO. I was supposed to be abstaining from sex as my commitment to my faith.

    I feel shit right now and I feel defeated. And since I sinned, I feel like I have nowhere else to go. I am still lying in bed when I should be working. So many frustrations right now about myself, and work just keeps piling up and I feel not in control with my life. I just felt like I let myself go yesterday, and I failed. I just hope to restart again with the same hope and vigor as I started my journey here in NoFap. So help me God. I should be starting to shower.
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  5. Jayaar

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    I had a relapse episode in the last two days. I went into depressed mode and didn't even check in to nofap.

    I hate that I can't control this. It makes me feel really weak. Today I woke up and installed am app blocker and downloaded some focus apps to help me on my path. I also will go visit a doctor tomorrow and tell them about these symptoms and see what they can help with.

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