Pantyhose Fetish?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Deleted Account, Nov 20, 2017.

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  1. Anyone here have a pantyhose fetish?

    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    I have a fetish for not seeing pantyhose.
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  3. HAHAHA thanks for your comment :)
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  4. Who doesn't love a beautiful set of legs in hosiery?
  5. Honestly I think pantyhose is unattractive and silly. Always makes me think of old ladies in the olden days.
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  6. I honestly do, not from watching porn though. It also depends on what type of pantyhose for me.
  7. ive always liked pantyhose from like 6, It started with my teachers :\ look what they`ve done to me!!!! XD
  8. Although now that I think about it, I prefer to wear tights and stockings. :D
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  9. sarah when did you discover you had a pantyhose fetish? :)
  10. I think it was when I was just a girl, I loved the soft and pleasant feeling when you rub or touch them. Growing up I now prefer stockings but I still think pantyhose is nice.
  11. During this cold weather my nofap journey is really crucial, so many girls at my school wearing pantyhose. I want to feel on thier legs but I never will, it hurts to go to class and look at thier pantyhose legs and feet :(
  12. hot, There was this one girl I had a crush on that wore pantyhose, she died my hair and I got to see up her skirt, I saw everything, I fell in love with her right than and there. I rubbed on her pantyhose legs, she lifted up her skirt and showed me her control top halloween pantyhose. I`m so weak when I see pantyhose. Sarah have you seduced men with your pantyhose? How do you feel about a man with a pantyhose/stockings fetish? Whats the differece between tights and pantyhose?
  13. Alright calm down tiger lol I think you’re getting a little carried away :p
  14. ok ill calm down, I`am a eunuch after all :p
  15. To answer your question tho, it depends what kind. I find the ones that look vintage funny lol
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  16. I like opaque, the black pantyhose with the control top, thats always nice :)
  17. sarah do UK girls were pantyhose due to fashion or culture? over in america its frowned upon unless its cold :(
  18. Just

    Just Fapstronaut

    Whew, have worn both, far prefer stockings to pantyhose, on both myself and/or a partner. There is something about the sensuality of the material for me and the fetish of cross-dressing that I enjoy, plus I have great legs.
  19. We wear stockings here fashion wise and they are a part of our cultural, plus they're just nice to wear and are warm when it's cold out.


    I mean us British know how to dress, I love our fashion. :D
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