PA's spam email is still full of dating and sex site stuff

Discussion in 'Partner Support' started by fadedfidelity, Aug 28, 2019.

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    Yes, I check my husband's everything from time to time because he lost his privacy privileges from PA. I am so tired of seeing the Hot Asians, Single Russian ladies, fuckbook, silver singles, adult dating, etc. spam emails!! He also occasionally gets emails from actual porn sites with attached pics that the filter does not block! How long does it take for this crap to go away? I highly doubt he is active in this crap. Did he get put on spam email lists from hell? (It has been about 4 months now since Dday and the web filter was started.)

    We have Qustodio for web filter and blocking on his work computer, iPhone, and tablet as well as on everyone else's electronics. I don't see how he could still get access to porn or anything close to it. Any insight? How long did it take for the spam email to go away?
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  2. Shatteredsoul

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    I do not look at porn and I get those types of emails too, they always go straight into my spam folder.
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    I would think that a few key words and you could get them from going into spam and just being deleted forever.

    I agree that some of those (but not all) are really just regular spam the robots might send to all emails they have determined are for men.
  4. I don't know how long it takes to stop those, but my husband still gets those exact ones plus hot Latinos, A Madison, and a bunch from female names like Sara, Jessica, and others. Trying to 'unsubscribe' from them doesn't work either. There are also some that say they're from specific P sites, but I'm not sure if they really are or if they're just using the name to get you to click on them. Almost all of them say they're sending it because the email has subscribed to their site. Maybe it's true sometimes, but I know many times it's not. It's frustrating.
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    I myself get “ love letters “ lol usually from Svetlana or Jessica. I also get silver singles ( not even close to silver ) and a whole bunch of other dating sites . I used a company to look for a job and literally the next day my email started blowing up . My husband 2 years out from a “ subscription “ will get one once in awhile from them with deep discounts to get him to come back :(
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    Time for new email address!
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  7. Spam will never go away. Once the email address gets on one of those advertising lists, it will be out there forever. Don't read into it as an indication of your PA's sobriety.
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  8. I think that's normal for everyone to get emails like that, even if they have never watched porn at all. My husband says that he hardly ever gets any spam through gmail though, and I actually have had a similar experience since I started using gmail. But then again, that might just be because I hardly ever use my gmail email address for anything.
  9. I get plenty through Gmail. BUT, I do rarely actually see the spam, as it usually goes into the Spam folder. Also, I've had my account since Gmail started, so there's that.
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