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  1. Kenzi

    Kenzi Fapstronaut

    Yes, thank you.
    There has to be a way to help the PAs here looking for help without fueling the trauma further for the partners here seeking refuge.
  2. Obviously one option is to report and ignore. However as @HARP alluded to is that the ignored person can still hijack the thread, without notice by AP.
    Unfortunately, posters need to expect potential for backlash and also understand trolls may come back under multiple alias's.
    Id recommend you post something in the technical support section for feature request where:
    OP must approve responses before being posted
    Or (better idea)
    Members ignored by OP do not have their posts show up in a thread for anyone but themselves (and maybe their followers?)
    (It would make it more difficult to troll)
  3. Sunshadow

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    We understand that trolling is an issue and it can be especially destructive on a sensitive platform like NoFap.

    Unfortunately, neither of these suggestions are practical.
    Your first suggestion of requiring all thread OPs to approve responses would essentially shut down the forum and stifle all discussion not directly facilitated by the OP. Might I refer to it as a form of censorship?
    Your second suggestion would be even worse for the forums as any user could essentially ban any other user by ignoring them. This would provoke far more misuse and abuse than it could possibly solve.

    It is awful that we need to be having this discussion, especially regarding the SO Journal Section where I personally have found so many helpful and encouraging perspectives. But that is the nature of the internet. There are Posting Guidelines and Etiquette Rules, but we cannot force people to follow them. The moderators and assistants work hard to keep the forums functioning well, but it is an enormous task. Please continue reporting offending posts and posters and we will continue to do our best to keep NoFap a useful and encouraging platform.

    All the best,

    - Sunshadow
  4. Hi @Sunshadow - thanks for your helpful message. And I understand exactly where you are coming from.

    I was wondering if perhaps the tech team could consider appointing one or two SO's as Moderator's Assistants, with responsibility for the SO Journal and/or Partner Support forum? They would be in a position to at least contain and put a hold on situations like gaslighting or abusive posts, pending a full Mod coming in and making a final decision.
  5. Kenzi

    Kenzi Fapstronaut

    Or.... Maybe just pinning the etiquette guidelines at the top of the SOs journal page, so SOs and PAs visitors can refer to them because they are easy to see (as I requested) because I fully believe in not over complicating this, but making it easier for everyone to see that there is structure.
    Thank you again for continuing to discuss this, it's appreciated.
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  6. i_wanna_get_better1

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    Although the SO journal section is a subsection of the Rebooting in a Relationship folder the two area serve two vasty different purposes. Posts in the main section is generally an open discussion while the journal section is more personal. Can options be given to the OPs in the journal section only to allow/block 3rd party comments or give the ability to delete 3rd party comments to their thread? Or perhaps give an option as to which gender(s) are permitted to reply.
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  7. Sunshadow

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    We do have at least one SO that I know is a Moderator Assistant. MAs are generally limited to fighting spam and providing guidance / advice. It is a solution that could be considered, however.

    To me, that seems like an excellent and simple solution, provided you feel it would be sufficient.

    Again, the issue with these solutions is that they must be applicable to EVERY subforum. In addition, this could end up blocking those posters who genuinely help and encourage the SOs.

    We continue to seek a resolution for the issue. Any other suggestions will be given due consideration. Regards,

    - Sunshadow
  8. Kenzi

    Kenzi Fapstronaut

    It's been my suggestion from the original petition for a SOs journal section from the very beginning.
    Have a etiquette guidelines so the SOs could refer to it if things got crazy, then if PAs still didn't listen to the rules posted very clearly and easily to find, report them. But it would make it easier for them (SOs posting in journals) to show people (PAs or SOs responses) in the journals examples of behavior.
    It also should slow down reports clogging up moderator duties because we have something easy to reference in that section for newbies.
  9. Thanks for the feedback the second suggestion was more thread specific (ie if I start a thread and ignore someone, they would only be ignored for that specific thread or any thread created by that OP) of course how the user levels are implemented on this site are out of my knowledge so that as you said may end up banning that person everywhere. Its definitely a difficult day and age in regards to technology and regulations without excessive limiting freedom of expression.
    I do appreciate the moderators prompt responses when I have flagged items in the past along with the ability to ignore those who Ill never see eye to eye with while at the same time understanding they have the right to see and attack anything I post.

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