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    I believe that PMO and prostitution are rooted in the same negative self belief, at least for myself, which is I am not worthy of love and affection from a woman I am seeking. This is also programmed in by PMO itself. But I can tell you the memory of having related with a woman in that way is nothing but a scar on my soul.

    Do not do this, even if it's legal in your country.
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    I personally need an emotional connection to the woman I have sex with. That is somehow strange, bc in porn the women are just usable objects, and I get turned on by that idea. But in reality I want love. And after love, then sex. So no paid sex ever. I was virgin until 26.
  3. I was payed for sex several times. Was before my twenties, because I wanted the money and was a hardcore romantic.
  4. I have no judgement. At that time I had a lot of sex and with a number of partners and found that fun too. So excess sex is in my nature.
  5. Me neither, most of my clients were kinda nice guys or at least interesting in their own ways. First one was an asshole though.
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    This sums it up, I’m currently 26 and I decided to go down the escort route back when I was 17 soon to turn 18..which when I look back at it was a ridiculous decision as I was still so young, but I was addicted to PMO and I was desperate. I regret it and it ended up snowballing into a habit for the next 5-6 years.

    There were so many times I thought I contracted something, at one point I was even so stupid to get oral without wearing a condom!! I was just a weak pathetic excuse. But I’m so lucky I didn’t get anything after numerous checks with my doctor to finally be at ease.

    Others aren’t so lucky so anyone reading this, don’t risk it, getting an STD can destroy your life. Wait for sex with someone you love and who loves you back because I’ve experienced that too and you can’t buy that with all the money in the world.
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    I am curious on how you end up essentially being a male prostitute. I am a Physiotherapist and i have trouble with treating some patients from time to time.
    How the fk can you go the full route with someone you dont want to be with as a man?

    Does it feel like you are loosing a part of yourself when you get paid for something you can have for free?
    Where you able to have physical contact with people you really enjoy spending time with without getting paid for it?
  8. I think it´s some kind of special mental state you need to have for doing this, if you don´t want to feel like shit afterwards.
    I never did, I always felt great and thought, yeah - money! But I also very rarely had to do it, because I was broke and/or had no other option anymore.
    If you are generally able to have random sex with strangers without taking any money for it, why should it not be possible getting payed for it instead?

    No, if you make and lay out the rules before and getting payed the correct price for it, it doesn´t. It´s rather the opposite, I felt powerful and payed well for one or two hours of work. I chose all my clients by sympathy, except the first one, who I did just to check out, if I am able doing that stuff at all. After him, I was sure that I could do most men.

    Yes, of course. I did not asked getting paid anymore for a long time. The thing is, I did not want to ruin or damage my abilities being emotionally connected to the people I really love. Sex work is surely not for everyone, it can damage people very easily in the soul, if they don´t know, what they are doing or why they decided doing this kind of work.
    If it´s forced by poverty, hunger or people it can be hell and most humiliating.
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    I am fascinated by this answer. Thank you, it was really insightful.
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    Find a hooker
  11. You are welcome. :)
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    I first went down the path of paying for sex in my mid twenties when I was struggling with low self esteem from going bald. I felt so repulsed at my appearance. (My undiagnosed social anxiety disorder did not help as it simply magnified the negative thoughts about myself). I felt a confidence boost after the first time and that maybe i wasn’t repulsive. In the subsequent years I became reliant on visiting prostitutes to help boost my self esteem. It was like a drug to me. However, in time, my secret life of visiting prostitutes brought me great shame and I lost all control. I was addicted. Even when I had built up the courage in my thirties to enter real relationships I couldn’t stop visiting prostitutes. I lost the love of my life as a result. I STRONGLY ADVISE TO NOT BEGIN VISITING ESCORTS NO MATTER HOW LONELY OR DEPRESSED YOU FEEL. IT WILL ONLY BRING YOU GREATER SHAME AND PAIN. I have now quit watching porn and visiting prostitutes and am trying to rebuild my life and confidence. I only wish I’d known the lasting damage my actions would bring me a decade ago. Don’t make the mistake I’ve made. I am now going to counselling and obtaining help from mental health experts. I was suffering from social anxiety disorder and I was suppressing negative feelings and pain rather than reaching out for help. Don’t be afraid to seek help. Visiting prostitiutes and watching porn is not the answer.
  13. I am still a virgin at 34. Would rather stay like this my whole life than pay for sex with a prostitute.

    That doesn't make me a Saint by any means. But paying for sex would definitely be a new low for me.

    No, thanks. Either a real connection with a women I love, or nothing at all.
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    If I'll ever go to a prostitute I'll do that just for the sake of it.
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    I don't think you'd achieve your desired end for "just the sake of it." You'll be losing a lot more of yourself, and you'll be taking on a beast upon your back that may take years, if ever, to get off. In other words, proceed further with this -> welcome to the hell of greater addiction still.
  16. What are you talking about, have you ever seen and payed real escorts or whores yourself at least once? Or is this just an assumption of you?
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    And what about a prostitute who genuinely likes you as person and doesn't mind seeing you again?
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    1.I was joking
    2.Either way, prostitution is forbidden in my country
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    It happened to me three days ago.
    Ive had sex with a prostitute who legitimately likes me and my fetishes. She asked me a lot of times to hang out with her (not as an escort).
    Thus i wont reset the counter, as im not in hard mode.
    The bad: i lasted 10 sec inside her lmao. at least i had absolutely zero problems putting the condom on, which was a nightmare for me before.
    PE is still strong as ****, not sure how ill deal with it.
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    If I were you, I would try to find a normal girl to get to like me.

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