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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Yassineopter, Feb 12, 2019.

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    if you want stds go ahead
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    No problem with a condom for 99,9%
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    While I don't agree on your opinions about prostitution, I just can't let your advice to "pump and dump" women as an alternative untouched. Although I may agree in some way that prostitution is "bad", I can't see how cunning and lying to an everyday girl with fake flatter, niceness and intentions just to have access to the hole between her legs and leaving her in the end alone with some degree of emotional damage is better. By your "we're used to this" remark I can tell that you're probably advising to do this only with already damaged women, who may or not suspect the end result up front but do it regardless, and while the negative effects may be comparably lesser on those ones, I don't think it is right to do it anyway for moral reasons, just like it is not less "wrong" to use violence against someone who is already used to be beaten up. I'm not talking of course of meeting women who also make clear up front that they also want to bang and disappear, but that's a complete different situation.

    In an ideal world, we should all meet someone we truly love and have sex with that person, but in real life I at least feel that is harder and harder to meet not just quality women, but women in general. And while everyone wants a real connection with someone, pure real sex is sometimes a legitimate need and prostitutes are a much more convenient way to satisfy it than regular women. And while I understand some of the issues people have with them, I believe that at least is more "moral" or "right" in the lack of better word to satisfy those needs with someone that accepts to be paid to do so than with a woman that has been conscientiously or not tricked into bed.
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  4. de severn

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    I don’t think I articulated properly in that post because I wasn’t advising anyone to deceive a woman for sex. I was only using rhetorical exclamation in how easy it is to do so by stating my surprise at the original poster’s dilemma because it’s hard for me to understand the difficulty men have in finding sex partners.

    Many of us women are used to short-term sexual relationships. Only a fraction of those experiences are “damaging” because they happened during pre-adolescence. Having a short-term encounter with a woman doesn’t have to be so hard. Why do you think there are plenty of free hookup apps? Paying a woman for sex truncates the process of seduction and the payment is like a holding fee so the woman can’t reject you based on looks or any other factor that she would otherwise deny you access to her body in an authentic meeting. On hookup apps/sites, you need to be physically attracted and attractive to the person you select for sex.

    I agree with most of what you said in defense toward something I wasn’t implying but I have to ask you what you think of as “pure real sex” that has to be satisfied by a prostitute and not a “regular woman”? What kind of sex do you have with regular women? Is that not pure or real? I would like to think that a bonded person could be primal and know when it’s time to make love and when it’s time to unleash a primal relief.

    I knew girls who solicited themselves so I know a thing or two about prostitution. They are regular woman. They have regular emotions and they looked very average. They don’t claim to have stellar sex moves (I asked). They were just physically accessible when they needed an extra paycheck. Most of their experiences are with emotionally pent up married men along with a handful of awkward college aged virgins.

    I have no moral issues against men who pay for sex. But in the name of nofap, I think paying for sex is lazy. It’s a coin operated machine experience.
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    For paid sex, you should avoid the std or disease and protect yourself. That is not safe for you if you always pay hooker to have sex.

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