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    Im not sure if this is the proper thrad so if it aint mods please move it. Anyways alot of people talk about ed but pe is also a problem for most men on this site. I dont want to talk alot about my thoughts about the inflience of porn and the way most of use mastrubated and the things ive done in the past like have quick sex in the bathroom then having sex with someone else. I want to share my experince what happened with me on my vacation in thailand and would like to get ypur guys own opinion on it. So for a while now i cum fast when im with a women and ive planed itnon pmo because like i saod k did alot of crazy stuff but after these last few nights i started thinking aboit something else " feelings". So im in thailand and i have had alot of sex here but again i cum fast. Then i met her this amazing women that i really care about and have spent moat of my vacation with her. And my penis just doesnt want to cum i really have to break it so i can finish. She was even worried last night that i dont find her attractive because i couldnt finish and she cant go anymore. Then i sgarted thinking all those other women like 95 percent of them i jist looked at them as objects for sex ( i know how that sounds but they also wanted sex their was no laying or game playing to get themninto bed) bit with jer all i wanted was to make her happy and fpr the first time in along time i was not selfish in bed. So it makes me wonder tbat pmo is maybe not the biggest problem because we all know guys who pmo and live good lives while others pmo and live crap lives. I think it is are mind and how we look at things. If we think we are crap we will be crap if we think we suck then we will suck .i think you guys got my point
    I conclusion i belive we have to change or outlook at how we view ourselves change the mind and the belief and our body will follow

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