Pedophiles on NoFap?

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by VexedCoffee, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. IGY

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    There are no rules for conversations with people up to and including the age of 17. If there were rules, people would just circumvent them.
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  2. VexedCoffee

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    One, that question was not directed at you. Two, what you're asking seems irrelevant, just what are you tying to get at?
    You do realize they could be lying to you :rolleyes:
    If a person confesses to you that he/she uses child porn you'd legally obligated to report it fyi
    And just what prejudice am I harboring?
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    I'm glad to see that there were so many compassionate responses here. I was really afraid all of the comments were going to be just as close-minded as the original post. As mentioned above, there is a difference between somebody who rapes children, and somebody who has watched child porn. Porn addiction usually starts out normal, and can easily lead to immoral, taboo themes as the disease progresses. In fact, I can speak from experience. This should be an open-minded, welcoming place for people who want to recover. If you're going to speak about a sensitive subject, you should educate yourself first.
  4. IGY

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    They could have been lying, but I do not believe they were. Unlike you, I do not assume the worst of people. And btw, that is the judgemental prejudice I am referring to. You assume that because an individual finds that they are attracted to young prepubescent children that they must be wicked and liars. I have no reason to have your narrow minded view of them. :(

    You reckon that "if a person confesses to you that he/she uses child porn you'd legally obligated to report it". Oh really? Lol. Just which law obliges me to do so? Furthermore, to whom would I report it? I cannot identify them any more than I could identify you! Just imagine the response in my local police station if I said @VexedCoffee watches child porn! Hahaha! :rolleyes:
  5. VexedCoffee

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    I think the word you're looking for is cautious.
    Let me try this again. Would you be OK letting a self confessed pedophile who is struggling with a PMO addiction anywhere near your underage hormonal impressionable kid even if it's online?
    Not if we stop users from revealing their ages altogether.
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  6. IGY

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    How can I answer a hypothetical question? I do not have kids, I do not want kids and never will. You cannot stop people from revealing their ages. You seem to reside in some bizarre parallel universe where common sense is totally unknown.
  7. scote73

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    Please allow me to clarify myself. I understand the question you were asking was directed to someone else, but felt compelled to answer it anyway because I believe people afflicted with pedophilia need to be understood, and even users of child porn (who are looking for a path to redemption, mind you) need to be understood, and need a bit more compassion. Why? Because the further we shame them, the further they keep their feelings locked inside for years and years to keep themselves safe from 'vigilantes', shaming and hating themselves for years and years for feelings they never asked for, until one day their feelings boil over and take control of them. I think, as a porn addict, you can understand how this process works. It's basically a pedophile's version of the Coolidge Effect.

    Instead of throwing child predators in jail after they do something awful (which they deserve, don't get me wrong there), why not intervene beforehand, and stop the incident from happening altogether? This can only be done if pedophiles feel more safe in 'coming out of the closet', and talking about their feelings without fear of judgement.

    I'm not trying to argue with you, VexedCoffee. I only want to help you open your mind a little bit more when it comes to this topic. There's a lot of misunderstanding in our culture today, for understandable reasons.

    All this is what I'm getting at, when I ask you if asking that question helps or hurts your understanding of the subject. I'm sorry, I can't, nor can anybody, answer a very black-and-white question like that without many other details. To be honest, I wouldn't put my hypothetical children in any situation in which they can be in danger. However, the level of danger with the hypothetical pedophile in your question remains vague. You provide no back-story to this hypothetical guy at all. You may not get a clear answer to your question from anybody.

    Anyway, for the basic premise of your OP (I'm sorry if the thread has gone off track). Like I said before, I don't know what you can do to prevent people from shelling out their personal details. Parents these days really need to be more vigilent about what their teens do on the internet, and these teens need to be taught the possible consequences of giving any anonymous person on the internet their personal details, even in a seemingly safe website like this. But even then, that can only do so much.

    I'd love to discuss this topic with you further, VexedCoffee. Please understand that I will never judge you for any of your opinions.
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  8. Firstly, how is this relevant? A teenager posting a thread, normally only containing their age and gender, on the internet is different from them getting babysitted.(and teenagers don't need babysitting anyway)
    Secondly, I couldn't say until I knew them. I wouldn't let anybody babysit my hypothetical children unless I knew them quite well.
  9. Jarin

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    One of the worst things about PMO addiction is that it is a slippery slope. People who might start off with normal healthy urges if they get too far into it will over time have to resort to harder and harder material to get their fix. Probably for a lot more people then who will admit to it, child porn is a problem for them.

    One of the great things about embracing the NoFap lifestyle is that once you break out of the PMO habit your healthy sexual urges will soon return. I don't think that anyone chooses to be a pedophile so if there are some on the board, and I am sure there are, then they are probably here because they want to get better. So I would actually discourage witch hunts or giving people who admit to such a problem a hard time.

    But that said, this is an internet forum, you shouldn't be giving out your private info to anyone. No matter how much you feel you know them from chatting online.
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    Why I am sign in automatically. When I open the nofap web page to sign in it already shows my e-mail and password.Even if I log out. I am afraid that someone is going to get into my computer. What am I supposed to do.
  11. Does anyone know this guy Jon David?? Apparently he's from NoFap. People have found him in the AP section. Someone in my kik accountability group showed me these screenshots. He told me that he doesn't want me to to say his username because he is embarrassed by the situation that someone would say that to him. @NoBrainer @alexander image.png image.png
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  12. @Lazarus Shuttlesworth, since the incident happened in your Kik group and not the NoFap forums, there is nothing we can do. I would advise your Kik group member to block Jon David and contact the authorities in his area if he feels threatened.
  13. Alright, thanks
  14. VexedCoffee

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    Yup we've had him on our kik group too, never talked in the group chat but we got complaints about him from other members and had to kick him
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    Report that guy to the police. He's obviously a real creep. What an idiot though...
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    I agree with everything @scote73 has been saying. I met a pedophile once when I was about 26 and he touched my crotch and then he was like, "I'm sorry." "Why did you do that?" I asked, but he just kept saying he was sorry. He had all this horrible porn with young boys in it and I made him throw them out. I tried to do everything possible to make him understand that pedophilia was wrong. I could've bashed him, but how would that help him change? What I realised was that I was dealing with a sick person who needed sympathy and chastisement.

    Still, he got his chastisement alright. Eventually all the other neighbours started shouting at him and screaming for his blood, throwing punches at the walls next to his bedroom, and just creating a hell of a ruckus to put him in fear. He left shortly afterwards. Pedophiles put themselves in real danger with their perversions.

    By the way, has anyone here looked at
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    No, what is it? I would rather know before clicking on it.
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    Interesting thread, good to see an open understanding discussion, on a difficult subject, generally blown way out of proportion and missleading information in the general media. And also interesting to see it in connection with general porn addiction...
  19. IggyIshness

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    There was a guy who joined named @LoveyouYoungboys and he was liking all my posts and almost just watching and stalking me. I confronted him on his profile wall and he never logged back on again..

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