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    Hello guys. 4 years ago my penis got injured and i didn't know how that happened because i was sleeping when it happened. I put ice on the injured side and it healed after 3-4 days. I didn't develop Peyronie's disease, and i didn't have problems mantaining an erection. I saw that a penile injury may lead to a permanent ED. However, this last time i'm struggling maintaining an erection. I used to PMO very often but now i'm doing nofap hard mode.

    After the injury healed, i went to an urologist and did an eco doppler and an ecography and they didn't detect any abnormality, but the injured side of my penis is enlarged and because of that my penis is bended. Also i had weird sensations like burn on my penis and i have grade 1 varicocele.

    I don't know if the penile injury or PMO caused my ED. I have morning wood but when i notice of that, it fades away.

    I'm trying to improve on my posture. I do swimming and i eat healthy. I have a normal weight and sleep 7 hours a day. I neither drink alcohol nor smoke.

    Someone experienced the same? What can i do to get rid of ED?
    Sorry for my bad english
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    Wow !!!! 105 Days is Very Good !!!!!!!

    ED is very common to 10-20% of men.
    You may want to try sleeping 8-9 hours per night; or take a nap
    during the day if possible. Your body may be tired or exhausted.

    Here's an article that may assist you:
    9 Natural Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction
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    Thanks man, i'm doing all things to be healthy again because i was very depressed and anxious and started taking antidepressants for that but now i'm much better. NoFap is helping me so much too.
    Thanks for the article too.

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