Penis Bruise/Sore for over a year

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by thatdamnidiot, Mar 16, 2019.

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    I was depressed for over a year; I moved to a new country and I couldn’t land a job. I’ve always masturbated but the combo of not meeting new people, not being able to go out because I was broke, and life feeling like a stationary thing just made this habit go into overdrive.

    One day I was wanking it (sometimes I would use a sock which was not smart) and I remember feeling a sharp sudden pain; I kept on wacking it until I ejaculated and then went to observe the damage. I always had a dark spot on the sensitive skin at the neck of my glans which figured was from wanking it but it never looked wrinkly/dry/stretched; the skin looked rougher than usual and my penis felt sore but I figured it’d heal after a week or two. Also, I’m uncircumcised.

    Fast forward 2 weeks; it didn’t heal and the same symptoms were still there. Additionally, that dark spot pains every now and again while I’m flaccid. It feels like the skin is too sore for any kind of rubbing action. The wrinkly skin stretches and smoothens out when I’m aroused but I feel two very minor bumps underneath the surface where I have that dark spot which still feels sore. It’s like a lingering tiny pain. Worse, I realized I wasn’t getting erections like I used to (softer head, and I felt like I needed porn to get it up; no random or mind induced erections and this felt like a sudden change).

    I started back wanking it once a week but then I tried stopping completely after two months because I wanted the injury to heal. I also figured because I wasn’t having intercourse or even dating for the matter, that I had porn induced erectile dysfunction. I went close to two months without wanking it; I noticed i started getting back mind induced and random erections. This culminated in two wet dreams and I ended up relapsing. So I went close to two months without wanking it.

    I started back wanking for about four months again, meanwhile trying topical creams with vitamin e, coconut oil and shea butter to see if the skin behind my glans would improve in appearance (it hasn’t I think).

    I recently got employed at a good job and I want to start dating again; i made commitment to not wank though I’ve relapsed twice since (one after 55 days, the other after 23 days); but lets see if I could go up to 90 or more. I need to give up this habit.

    My real concern is has anyone else had an injury like this. I still have the same symptoms. I believe it could be a bruise or some nerve damage, but the internet ofc has been scaring me with concerns of Nonvenereal sclerosing lymphangitis, tearing buck’s fascia (that I can’t locate the symptoms online for) or peronie’s (I don’t have a bend but those bumps I feel scare me).

    Thanks for the help, and yes. I will be visiting a doctor about this soon; I didn’t have a doctor in this new country until recently and I was unwilling to go to a random clinic (which may have been stupid).
  2. Which country are u in mate? U need to see a Doc instantly.
  3. I had a penis injury myself, not sure how it happened but one day it became aggravated, the head started becoming raw and blistered and soar, not sure why it happened. That is when i originally decided to quit masturbation, and when i couldnt i realized i was an addict.
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  4. How did u sort out d injury?
  5. I just dealt with it, after like 2 years it is still in bad shape, well not like painful or anything unless i rub it hard, than it acts up again, maybe i have a std or something.
  6. U cant have anSTD for so long? What do mean by bad shape ? Do u want to PM me it will be better.
  7. Bad shape as in its still not healed, now it is not like it used to be like so raw i could not wear underwear, now that wont bother it, but if i was to masturbate for like 30 minutes it would start hurting and getting raw again.
  8. That’s bad do u have anything oozing out?
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    Canada. I’ll be going very soon, just waiting on some medical documents to transfer from home.
  10. nah nothing like that, its just super raw like someone rubbed sand paper on the edges of the head.
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    Firstly, the internet is usually of no help in diagnosing medical conditions.
    Any abrasions, bumps, irregular skin, is simply a result of excessive (>2 times a day) or highly aggressive wanking. Both of which you should avoid.
    Try going to a doctor, to discuss it. Tell him if you’ve bled from your urethra, your entire history. If you have moments when you can’t pee, or dysuria (painful urination) etc.
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    Sounds like peyronie. An ultrasound should diagnose it. I have it as well. Stop jerking off

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