Penis Exercises and NoFap

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by BillyBobBoBoBo, Apr 19, 2019.

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  1. Cilicio

    Cilicio Fapstronaut

    [QUOTE = "BillyBobBoBoBo, post: 2010319, miembro: 317550"] Punto interesante para pensar. A pesar de que los ejercicios son los que más lo atraen, Jelq, que lo es más acariciarlo en un agarre más lento y más duro donde no es tan placentero, aunque a veces debería estimularlo a medida que se suaviza, pero trata de no volverte demasiado loco. Sin embargo, recortaría más las cosas del borde, ya que eso no me ha ayudado. [/ QUOTE]
    sentir deseos cuando se está en abstinencia es terrible, cuando tu control depende de otra persona por lo menos sabes que romper tu negación es imposible
  2. bfdet

    bfdet Fapstronaut

    I have posted several times here about edging. Search my posts if you want to read About edging. The short version: do not edge. Edging is really bad news !

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.
  3. Así que espera, ¿cómo funciona esto? ¿Qué tiene esto que ver con la ampliación del pene? ¿Hablando de la parte mendicante? Eso está bien, es un problema que tengo.
  4. Yeah I know, it has not been helping me.
  5. InnerFaith

    InnerFaith Fapstronaut

    bad idea, its arousal and will lead you back to the beaten path
  6. It will make you relapse sooner or later. Besides, it's recommended to clear the pipes regularly when on a jelq routine. So unless you're on easy mode, don't do it.
  7. Theamos

    Theamos Fapstronaut

    I do my pe every night before bed and never does it lead to m
  8. Edging or Penis exercises?
  9. That is something I need to make sure of.
  10. InnerFaith

    InnerFaith Fapstronaut

    edging, and penis exercise i dont knowm i think just working out and getting in shape is good for sexual health
  11. ClickClickBoom

    ClickClickBoom Fapstronaut

    At first you´r doing penis exercises after some time you progress to edging and then it´s all down hill from there.
    You need to know you´r own patterns and learn from them.
  12. Well I’m already exercising my body, use to do Penis exercises before, but stopped, as of a lot of things & also the porn addiction. So just thinking of I want to get back into it when I’m in a better mind set.
  13. Well at the moment, I know edging isn’t helping me, so I want to avoid doing it for the time being.
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  14. bfdet

    bfdet Fapstronaut

    Hi 'bo !

    GOOD Decision to avoid edging and "exercises". I can and will speak with some authority about edging. Edging trains your body and your mind to need prolonged physical and mental stimulation of an intensity that simply doesn't exist with conventional partnered intimacy (PIV). When you edge, both your body and your mind become de-sensitized to the point where O from PIV simply doesn't happen or takes forever to happen. There is very helpful and insightful information at this link:

    As for "exercises", I don't think they are a great idea during a reboot, but that is just my opinion. Some seem to be able to engage in "exercises" without leading to a relapse. I'd think that is more an exception than a rule especially for guys that may be struggling to avoid PMO. Everybody needs to make their own decisions about what is right for themselves. I encourage a hard-mode reboot whenever possible, and do it for 90 days or more, if at all possible. It works for very many folks and seems like a very good approach to healing from PMO. It surely can't hurt !

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.
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  15. Well for the moment I am not sure weather to try now, or wait till I get myself sorted out, as not sure if it’s something I want or because of the porn that made me want to do it. For the moment and with dealing with other issues, I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to do at the moment.
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  16. Fausterity

    Fausterity Fapstronaut

    I agree. Just focus on completing your nofap reboot, then afterwards you probably wont even care about PE because you'll have high self esteem.
  17. u376

    u376 Fapstronaut

    Penis excercise
    Does penis lifts weight in that :p
  18. gsherman100

    gsherman100 Fapstronaut

    Unless you have godlike self control, which most of us don’t, I wouldn’t recommend doing it. And besides there is really not any concrete science to back “Penis exercises”. Your best is just simply working out and being fit overall.
  19. What exactly are "penis exercises"? You mean kegal exercises?
  20. Cilicio

    Cilicio Fapstronaut

    [QUOTE = "bfdet, post: 2019777, miembro: 76055"] ¡Hola!

    BUENA Decisión de evitar el ribete y los "ejercicios". Puedo y voy a hablar con cierta autoridad sobre los bordes. Los bordes entrenan tu cuerpo y tu mente para necesitar una estimulación física y mental prolongada de una intensidad que simplemente no existe con la intimidad de pareja convencional (PIV). Cuando te mueves, tanto tu cuerpo como tu mente se vuelven desensibilizados hasta el punto en que O de PIV simplemente no ocurre o tarda una eternidad en suceder. Hay información muy útil y útil en este enlace:

    En cuanto a los "ejercicios", no creo que sean una gran idea durante un reinicio, pero esa es solo mi opinión. Algunos parecen ser capaces de participar en "ejercicios" sin llevar a una recaída. Creo que es más una excepción que una regla, especialmente para los hombres que pueden estar luchando por evitar la PMO. Todos deben tomar sus propias decisiones sobre lo que es correcto para ellos mismos. Recomiendo un reinicio en modo difícil siempre que sea posible, y hacerlo durante 90 días o más, si es posible. Funciona para muchas personas y parece ser un muy buen enfoque para la curación de la PMO. ¡Seguramente no puede hacer daño!

    Un día a la vez es como todos tenemos éxito. [/ QUOTE] el riesgo es perder el control

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