Penis Exercises and NoFap

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by BillyBobBoBoBo, Apr 19, 2019.

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  1. Yeah we shall see when that happens.
  2. No, it's about making it bigger.
  3. That & also exercises to make it larger and thicker.
  4. Bueno, podemos ver cómo va eso, ya que depende de la voluntad de las personas.
  5. Well for me, it will depend how things go.
  6. Cilicio

    Cilicio Fapstronaut

    Someter el pene a ejercicios estimulantes sin llegar al orgasmo es una labor de mucho autocontrol, la abstinencia produce ansiedad
  7. Nuihere

    Nuihere Fapstronaut

    What is a penis exercise ? I've never heard that before
  8. bfdet

    bfdet Fapstronaut

    hi @Nuihere !

    Don't go looking as its likely to lead to triggers and those lead to resets and relapses.

    My opinion - "exercises" aren't an appropriate activity when on a noPMO journey of healing. Of course, others likely have other opinions. But then some folks (not on this site...) think that P is OK too !

    Make a good decision and drop your question and don't go looking for an answer.

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.
  9. It's exercises that increase your dick size or making you last long, allegedly.
  10. Randy

    Randy Fapstronaut

    Most men do not do penis exercises. I suspect that it is a bit of a fetish thing. After I dicovered nofap an stopped masturbating to porn, I got more interested in my fetishes. I got intetested in shaving my body, wearing cock rings and lots of other stuff. I also started going to a gym and got in the best shape of my life. I wanted to do stuff in real life instead of just fantasizing. Some of it was good for me, but some was just being perverted. You will go through whatever you will go through. Do you think that penis exercises are good for you?
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  11. Cilicio

    Cilicio Fapstronaut

    [QUOTE = "BillyBobBoBoBo, post: 2006663, miembro: 317550"] Bien, entonces, como alguien que intenta resolver su adicción a la pornografía, tengo que preguntar, ¿cuál es la opinión de cada uno sobre cómo hacer ejercicios de pene mientras hago NoFap? En este momento siento que debo esperar un poco para tener una mejor mentalidad antes de hacerlo. Pero, ¿qué piensan ustedes al respecto? [/ QUOTE]
    Yo sólo permito tener erecciones pero no me toco, aunque aveces resulta difícil resistir la tentación
  12. cns

    cns Fapstronaut

    I have started doing stretching exercise before going to bed and on shower for some days now. I like to keep my penis active. As I have observed dead penis during noPMO and that make me little depressed. Having said that it will probably lead to M or edging. So if it is something you strictly want to avoid then you should avoid it
  13. Cilicio

    Cilicio Fapstronaut

    Otro ejercicio para el pene, es colocarlo en medio de los muslos para apretarlo suavemente y así se puede rebajar un poco la ansiedad del síndrome de abstinencia
  14. Lo siento, no entiendo lo que quieres decir con eso?
  15. Well I would like to do them, though the fact that I look at porn a lot I couldn't do them properly without relying on it. Though the does raise a good point on not know if I want to do for actual betterment for myself or it being a fetish thing. I exercise my whole body to get into better shape as wanting to change that aspect for myself, so I know that is a good thing to keep up. it is more just with the dick exercises and to be able to do it with out the desire to jerk off. So I know it's not good to do it at the moment.
  16. Entiendo ese tema hombre.
  17. Sorry, did you not get any activation during NoFap or when you where fapping? A bit confusing admittedly. Though if it was during NoFap yeah that is flat lining & have been there and it causes me issues as well as why I keep relapsing.
  18. Cilicio

    Cilicio Fapstronaut

    Necesitas ayuda para que alguien controle tus impulsos
  19. Yeah I excercices my penis and now i can plank on it!

    lmao this thread is dumb asf
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  20. Lo siento amigo, ¿qué quieres decir con eso?

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