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Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by Recoveryattempt, Sep 5, 2020.

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    So i masturbated and edged in May and when i finished i had a dopamine rush and couldnt feel my penis, the days after that i still couldnt feel my penis, erections were about 70-80% but now its around 85-90%. But my penis feels numb, almost like its not mine. I have sensation in the head of my penis but the shaft has little sensitvity and under my penis has very little to no sensitivity and it scares me. What did i do?

    i dont masturbate with lube, im 17 and im a virgin. Currently its been about 1-2 days of no pmo
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    I started having similar issues to the point I could not tell if I had a hand wrapped around my penis, mouth or vagina. I actually had a spinal disc that was ruptured and caused the problem plus more. Once I took care of my spine I was overwhelmed with how good an orgasm could feel. I even gained legit a half of inch in length and more girth. The nerves being pinched restricted my sensation and potential size.
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    This is the problem I have. I still get hard thinking about something sexual but that's all it is, hard. I don't have that horny feeling anymore and orgasms are almost numb as well. I still get morning wood pretty often, at least when on nofap but there's no feeling there, there's as much sensation in my finger currently.

    The good news is that when I went two months nofap the horny feeling came back so I know it's recoverable. Problem is I relapsed soon after and the feeling quickly disappeared along with it. Not sure what to take from this but I know that if I want that feeling back I have to stay away from PMO, my worry is though that the same could happen if I were to have sex as well.
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    Keep trying, I saw your suicide thread and I was scared. Glad you didn't make the wrong decision! This thing needs to be done day by day, week by week, month by month. Everyone must fail before they succeed.
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    As for fixing your numb penis, I think you already know the cure. That's the reason you're still on this site ;)

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