Penis swelling and penile tissue regeneration/repair

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by Ramy, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. Ramy

    Ramy Fapstronaut

    I just found out about your very helpful site, all I see is very strong people that are here to celebrate their strength and will power and success in heir journey to becoming better persons, chapeau to all of you.
    Let me tell you a little about myself, I'm 23 years old, college student, I started the "hell habit" back when I was in 5th grade by coincidence, I didn't even know what that process was called... I got addicted to the sensation, opened my eye on porn, started getting addicted to porn as well, needed a lot of time by myself always, I masturbated in mornings, nights, before sleeping, after walking up, in showers, at relatives houses !, I was afflicted.
    As I grew up, it grew more frequent with me, I'd masturbate 4-6 times/day, to porn, or even when I don't have porn I'd only use my imagination or memory of girls I've been with..
    I always have been confident about my size, and about myself, and about being with a girl, but there was that time I started to do phone sex with exs or sex-buddies, I did that daily, got addicted to that too, done it frequently, and once I went to hard on my penis and it kind of got swollen ?, I panicked of course and thought I damaged something, started to feel numb and swollen for few days after, i quit touching it, and i couldn't see a doctor because I felt shameful at first, but thought if it won't go away i'm going.
    And after few days it became better, slightly went back to normal size, but it never felt the same since then, it'd be more swollen on erections, size I think changed to less, it would feel... soft? when erected ? ad if it's inflammed and there is something lyining it under the skin.. erections would fade away very easily, drops of semen sometimes leak ?, and of course very early ejaculation....
    So long story short I'm still masturbating, and... I really wanna get rid of this sad terrible habit, but what happened to my penis just made me feel way more depressed, I just keep doing it.. I don't know if it will be repaired again if I give up ?, I really need an answer, it feels like I damaged the penile tissues, it's like sore and it's begging me to quit.... and I want to so badm but what I need to know more is that if it gets better if you quit ?, does the penile tissue fix itself?, does it repair the damage? I need your help, I'm sure many of you experienced that to some extent... and I'd really appreciate your help, specially from those of you who quit and observed any changes in their bodies? better changes?
    and by the way I joined this community to quit, and with your help and my will I believe I can do it, as I believe anyone reading this and hasn't started yet can too. :)
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  2. MoreDiscipline

    MoreDiscipline Fapstronaut

    Hey Ramy,

    I hope you are feeling fine right now. You as a person have value. It doesn´t matter how your history. I´d wish you that you could be encouraged here on this site and experience the value of being reenergized due to abstinence.

    I am also struggeling, similar how you do and a few months ago a similar thing happend to me when I masturbated. I was afraid as well but concerning the swelling I think it can recover. I fapped less and it is better now. Maybe it helps if you open a specific thread with a specific title of your question. The title is very unspecific so people might not read it and answer your question.

    Be encouraged. Read other inspirational stuff and seek help whenever you need it.
    (plus what I think is also crucial for this website: Encourage others, so you will be encouraged, too!)
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  3. Ramy

    Ramy Fapstronaut

    thanks a lot, I wish you all the best. :)
  4. VanillaMochi

    VanillaMochi Fapstronaut

    Welcome to NoFap. :)

    I also suffer from PIED and ED caused by smoking cigarettes. I'm not that much older than you.

    A few things that I've implemented since joining this site are:

    1) Set my homepage to
    2) I'm keeping my door open at all times to make it hard to PMO. I live with two female roommates.
    3) Bookmarked - it works best if you don't keep hitting refresh but take what you need from it and move on.
    4) I'm taking cold showers.
    5) I did some research on and watched the Ted talks videos there.
    6) I'm reading/posting as much as I can on this forum.
    7) I'm keeping a daily journal and created a counter to track my progress.
    8) I wear a rubber band on my wrist that I snap whenever I have a sexual thought or become aroused.
    9) I flex all of my muscles rhythmically whenever I feel like I'm going to get an erection to direct blood flow away from it.
    10) I've watched "Sacred Sexuality" videos on YouTube.

    For brand new members I recommend doing these three things:

    1. Create a journal and post in it everyday, especially when you get urges. Just writing down that I have an urge helps to alleviate it.

    2. Set a goal and create a PMO counter to track your progress. Copy and paste it in to your signature. (You can edit your signature in your account settings.)

    3. Read and respond to other peoples journals. This will help to make you realize that you are not alone and give you hope and ideas on how to further develop in your recovery.

    If you do these three things you'll be off to a great start.

    Best of luck.

    - vM
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  5. Karegador

    Karegador Fapstronaut

    Hi there.

    1) The human body is amazing. Despite how easily it can be damaged and/or broken, it has an amazing capacity for self repair. So yes, your penis will repair itself if given time. Unfortunately, your chronic wanking is doing damage faster than it can repair so right now it appears that it won't ever repair itself.

    2) PMO addiction does result in less satisfying erections. During the course of the streak that I am currently on, I have found that my erections are impressive(they are harder than I thought possible), they last longer and they don't go away as quickly. So yes, you will see your erections return to the former glory that you remember.

    3) You will feel more energetic. More able to focus and just more alive all around. However, to get there you will have a hard battle. You will relapse more than a few times before you get it right. The important thing is to take stock when you relapse, take notes about what you were doing when it happened and what possible triggers, if any, you encountered prior to relapse. This way your odds of success will go up each time.

    Naturally, when you feel weak come here for encouragement or talk to someone you can trust in person. I strongly advocate finding someone you can talk to in person or call, at a moments notice when you feel weak. Sites and videos that I found useful are:

    4) For porn addiction I have found that educating yourself on the truth of how the porn industry works is a very helpful deterrent when it comes to fighting off the desire to view porn.

    5) You WILL succeed and you WILL feel so much happier thanks to that success.

    I hope all this helps you.
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  6. Mystical•Citra

    Mystical•Citra Fapstronaut

    If I were you I would stop all masturbation right away, your body is yelling at you to stop. Listen to your body. Your prostate is also very upset and in bad shape if you are leaking. If you keep this up you will pay big time later in life, sorry to say. You should take these signs very seriously. Your love life will be effected also if you don't gain some self control. Sorry to sound harsh, but sometimes the truth is not nice and is always better than a lie.

    You will heal, but you need to stop causing the damage first.
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  7. TeddyBear

    TeddyBear Guest

    I'm not a professional so I can't give you advice other to go see a professional. Whenever something unusual like swelling occurs, you should seek medical advice ASAP ... and stop masturbating until you get help because you can exacerbate the issue. I'm glad you found your way here, but you need to take care of that at the earliest convenience.
  8. Ramy

    Ramy Fapstronaut

    thanks a lot guys :), and Citra you are completely right, and your kind of respond is what I was seeking actually :), thanks my friend.
  9. Sir_Faps_a_not

    Sir_Faps_a_not Fapstronaut

    As stated above, human bodies are amazing. One time I bent my erect penis downward and something popped and I had two lumps on top every time I had an erection for at least a month. It did go away. But take care of your body. Having any part constantly inflamed cannot be healthy. They tell women after having a baby to take 6 weeks of "pelvic rest," which is basically not having sex. You need a break. 1) Find an accountability partner. 2) Pick up or print a small calendar. 3) Black out the days you PMO. Go over it with your accountability partner. This worked very well for me for the first part of stopping PMOing multiple times per day. It only works for a short period. It is very visual. After you go several weeks those black spots can become discouraging. Also, pack up your computer and get an old flip phone. :D Best of luck.
  10. Mystical•Citra

    Mystical•Citra Fapstronaut

    No problem bud, good luck!
  11. Ramy

    Ramy Fapstronaut

    And here I am starting :), the boat just sailed. :)
  12. Ravneetabbi

    Ravneetabbi New Fapstronaut

    Hi my name is Abby my age is 23 m actually the thing is I'm suffering with my private part thing . It's gonna 5 days . So I was having intercourse with my partner and she were on sitting on the top and while intercourse my penis slipped out of the vagina n she accidentally put force on my penis and suddenly I took reaction and put my penis away but I'm sure penis get bend lil bit but not too much and suddenly my penis get to the normal position cuz it tooks my intention on that pain . But that I searched on internet if it's a fracture ur penis will turn blue and swell and also lot of pain . But in my case in nothing like that but it's just a minor pain only happen when I get my intensional on the pain . And also my penis get erection fully when I laid down on the bed but when i go into standing position it starts get into normal position I don't why it's happening may I'm taking too much stress or what pls give me advice what going on in my case pls help me out
  13. Ghost_Rider

    Ghost_Rider Fapstronaut

    Its because of "Deathgrip", there is a post regarding hourglass penis in reboot section, you can check that.
    However, when you deathgrip, the nerves and veins in that aread becomes bruised, and pinched and hence the blood cannot reach to the head of penis properly, and the sensations are diminished because of nerve damange,
    it will usually heal with time, usually 2 months . Just have patience .:) God bless you :)
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  14. Anonymous86

    Anonymous86 Fapstronaut

    Is prone masturbation more dangerous than deathgrip? After a prone masturbation session, E.D. happened with 2-3 days...why? The doctors found nothing wrong with it either and one even guaranteed nothing was wrong with my penis.
  15. Yes, prone masturbation is much mire dangerous than death grip. It is much more aggressive and abrasive to the penile skin. The pressure created is much greater than a vagina or even an anus. It is not recommended (neither is death grip).
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  16. Anonymous86

    Anonymous86 Fapstronaut

    Do you think I have venous leak, or something permanent then? Or porn instead? If one prone masturbation session on a soft bed gave me e.d. after edging for days prior and being hypersexual, and looking at porn-subs what are the chances it's porn rather than like a venous leak? Would venous leak have to be really traumatic to get rather than TMS/prone masturbation? I know we spoke about this multiple times, but I'm still quite nervous.

    I mean, I had a semi-erection around someone for hours but other than that, I can't really aroused and my penis is normally shrunk, lifeless, with droopy balls with no libido. I went to two doctors that turned me away, had blood work done, and everything came back fine so idk.
  17. Yes we have. I do not think that is the problem at all.

    How many days since you masturbated; edged; used porn. It is total abstinence and a reboot that will solve all this! :)
  18. JoshWK77

    JoshWK77 Fapstronaut

    I'm new to the NoFap community, still not sure what to say yet in terms of
    contributing some positive insight.

    So I'll just comment on the fact that almost every post, reply and thread I read fills me with energy and inspiration. You're all awesome, strong and insightful people. :)

    I'll also say thanks for the post Ramy :) Alot of us, including myself are starting this journey because of physical damage to the penis. I have the same swelling issue as you do. Look up "balanitis" but don't get confused about all these WebMD type explanations that assume it's an infection or something. I think alot of us have damaged ourselves, and our penis, which when you consider the amount of nerves, kind of IS a second brain, is screaming at us to just leave it alone.

    Also, anyone suffering from penis inflammation, pain, or skin issues, do a bit of research on Zinc. Im beginning to understand that Zinc gets depleted by constant fapping. Zinc is also used in skin and tissue repair. Still need to do more research, but I have had a serious magnesium deficiency, which is in check now. But from that experience, I know Mineral Deficiencies can cause crazy side affects (Zinc being a mineral). Anyway, apologies in advance if this post of mine is a bit rambly.

    Good luck Ramy, thanks again for the post!:)
  19. AlexanderTheGreat

    AlexanderTheGreat New Fapstronaut

    Helppp! Serious advice Needed

    I have the same background as op, ive caused damaged to my penis by masturbating and I am scared for life. My meatus is extremely swollen on the left and its causing a STINGING sensation, on top of that I believe I have balanitis and candida or both. I have tried abstaining from sex and masturbation for a month but cant stop and it keeps getting worse. Can someone please offer serious guidance because I cannot deal with this on my own anymore. 4 Urologists told me they cant underly the causing issue and have no clue on how to treat it
  20. yonder

    yonder Fapstronaut

    what is the thread regarding hourglass penis? when im on the toilet (going number 2) and my penis extends it forms a hourglass shape for about 30 seconds and then goes back to normal. not sure if this is a serious problem.

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