People are selfish

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Vijay5610, Dec 12, 2019.

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    Everyone is selfish if u dont give anything to anyone u are gonna get nothing nothing is free u gonna give to get everyone thinks of themselves in each situation no one gives a damn what u need either understand their interests and help them getting them and get ur interests too fulfilled and one more thing always keep smiling and keep talking no one gives a damn or care for silent ones u know everything u know it all but someone who does not know anything will get ahead of u because he opened his mouth and u did not thats the world we live in nothing is perfect here everywhere there are flaws everyone want to crush u to get ahead keep speaking is the key even if u sound stupid it do works in front of fools and mostly are fools just got to that position after making fools of more fools
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    Punctuation is nice too.
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  4. Welcome to the world, dude :D
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    People are selfish. You are people. People are you.
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    Also I think for a lot of people it has come down to survival. If there's trauma, and there's a good chance there is with some kind of addiction, then there's a reverting to fight or flight. Even if the immediate situation doesn't involve physical threats people have enough psychological stress (PTSD) to trigger that.
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    Hey man! I don't want to sound like a grammar-police here but writing proper sentences (i.e. writing out the whole nouns, pronouns, punctuation, etc) will give you more readers, credibility and attention than if you leave some basic spelling behind. I am sorry to say but it becomes so difficult and tiresome to read that I honestly really don't get your point as it sounds like a long rant without any clear messages and/or questions attached.
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    The text was randomly created by an AI algorithm. :D:D:D

    Now, seriously ... the problem with selfishness is ... that is contagious and spreads like a disease. Haven't you ever think "well, if nobody cares for me, why am I going to care for anybody?".

    Let's face it, PMO is an extremely selfish act, so we all here are selfish people (wanting to change). But only by being here, reading other people's journals and struggles, trying to understand them, doing our best to help them ... the cycle of selfishness can be broken.
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    People are gonna be selfish with you until and unless you become little selfless.
    Your words doesn't decide your success but your actions do.
    If you speak to much you aren't likely to get success, you are just gonna look like an idiot, you just need to speak that much as much as required.
    You can get far ahead in life by helping others rather then by crushing them, cause helping others gives you positivity, inner peace, respect, confidence etc.
    And remember never show off while helping others cause that's the most selfish thing you could do.
    If you look at the world's most successful people 90% of them are confident introverts, so what does that tells you.
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