People's Obsession With Wealth

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by unimportant, Sep 9, 2020.

  1. unimportant

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    I can't stand that most people's concept of self improvement relates to making money. It feels like I'm trapped in a world full of greed with scarcely a lighthouse. I often look at volunteer services or non profits as a gleaming example of what should be done.

    I feel like I'm virtually alone though. Any time I seek self education information for instance, all that comes up is "How to get rich without college" and "These billionaires never finished school", I find it disgusting that these are the archetypes people fantasize about becoming.

    Where is the all around nice old man who just lived decently, volunteered, took part in society, helped people around him. Why does seemingly everyone put rich pricks who have extracted wealth from society on such a pedestal.

    The pandemic has made me a bit more pessimistic about people's selfishness too, it kind of falls in line with the pedestal thing, but seeing how many people don't wear masks has made me feel terrible.

    These two combined make me feel incredibly alone in my sense of morality.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. red gyarados

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    Not having money has been stressful. I’m sick of thinking twice before going to the doctor.

    Edit: and if you skip college (or complete college without any student loans) you’re probably ahead of the pack financially.
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  3. unimportant

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    I completely understand wanting to be at a reasonable standard of living. Personally my goal is a tiny house, trading space for time seems like a good deal to me but doesn't fit everyone. But, for these people, It isn't just getting to see a doctor when your ill. It's owning a sports car and an enormous house, it's being wealthy if not super wealthy (no one should be a billionaire or anywhere near it).
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  4. red gyarados

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    You don’t have to worry about becoming a billionaire with that attitude lol
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  5. determinedtoquit

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    You feel like you're in a world full of greed because you are; and it goes much, much deeper than that. You're not alone. Systems collapse all the time, and soon this one will, too. If you're not system minded when the collapse happens, you'll be ready and level-headed where other people will not be.
    The world gets more and more wicked every day.

    Yeah I was with you until this part. But anyway. That's the world we live in. You know you can always opt-out, though, right?
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  6. fredisthebes

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    It's the first time in a long long while that a generation of people have had to accept a much lower standard of living (on average) than there parents. of course there are exceptions, and there are a few opportunities available to us that our parents didn't have. But the fact that 'anyone can make it' doesn't change that everyone can't make it, in fact, there is a lot 'less' to go around.

    If I limped my way through a pass degree at an average university, took the first relevant job available to me and worked 9-5, married a woman that doesn't work and had a couple of children, like my father did, I would live in poverty my whole life. It's become that we don't need to have several 'side hustles' in order to buy fancy cars and nice houses etc, we need several side hustles in order to have a basic vaguely middle class lifestyle.

    There will be some changes following the pandemic/lockdown, for sure. It's becoming harder to dismiss poor people as worthless and deserving of their lifestyles when middle class and educated people are ending up in the same situation now. once it starts effecting their own, the chattering classes take note!
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  7. It's how most people have been brought up. They (parents, celebrities, educators, etc.) explicitly and implicitly condition children to believe that they have to be filthy rich when they grow up to be considered "successful". Btw fuck masks and social distancing. The quarantine has caused more problems than the virus itself. Shit fuckin took the jobs of many families, destroyed small businesses, increased anti-social behaviour, made some people suicide and overall inconvenienced the shit out of everyone all because of a virus that isn't even that deadly (if at all). Masks and social distancing labels can suck my dick.
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  8. alphakadabro

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    You would find a lot of value in Plato's dialogues and in philosophy in general (for instance, Stoicism), as well as in religious texts and commentary. Are you spiritual or religious, at all?

    The obsession with money is a natural defense against risk and catastrophe, as well as a psychological resistance to life itself. Money provides security but when it becomes obsessive it takes on a pathology of its own that leads to anti-social behavior. A healthy attitude toward money is that it is energy. It provides a measure of freedom and opportunity but it isn't those things in-themselves.
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  9. I agree with you. There is definitely a lot more to life than making loads of money. You can't take it with you when you die. People that I have met who are obsessed with chasing money are usually quite shallow with not much depth to who they are as a person.

    People think that just because they would survive the virus they don't need to wear a mask or social distance. They don't care that they might spread it to others who would suffer more or die like old people or people with health complications.

    I do think that the lockdowns can be a bit excessive and feel they could be unnecessary, but they wouldn't be implemented in the first place if people cared about eachother and just wore the dam masks and social distanced.
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  10. palindromo

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  11. Money is everything in this world.

    You can't do anything without money.

    We all have a different relationship with money. Some people are greedy about it, some others don't really care as long as they have enough of it.

    Me, I just see it as a way to reach freedom.

    And this is priceless.
  12. Sosuke Aizen

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    The value of money is found only in spending it.
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  13. unimportant

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    Ignorance is bliss only when it isn't thrust in your face as ignorance, then it turns into anger.

    I've read a lot of philosophy. I am not spiritual or religious. I agree in the natural defense, though that can only go so far. You don't need to be a millionaire to protect yourself, it is a fallacy to think self preservation is the pure rational to acquisition of wealth.

    Yeah, the selfishness that has been displayed really rocked my world. Initially I really did feel like "Yeah, there are a lot of troubles we all face, but in the end we are all in this together, fighting those struggles." now, it's more like "Most people have such a fixation on their own gain that they cannot see the havoc they reek in other people's lives." it is all still just simple ignorance, if you are more knowledgeable, you will do better for society around you.

    Interesting, considering money is what keeps you from freedom.

    Money is coercion.
  14. red gyarados

    red gyarados Fapstronaut

    So the people who lost their jobs because of these lockdowns are selfish? Come back when you’re old enough to pay bills
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  15. unimportant

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    What? How did you infer that? Side note, been paying bills for years dude.
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  16. No one said that. But you'd swear it would kill some people to just wear a mask or social distance for a bit in order to stop the spread of the virus to people who are more likely to die from getting infected.
  17. ConfusedAdult

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    Wealth is overrated. It can buy you luxury, but can’t buy you happiness. $100,000 per year is all the money you need in life. Anything more than that, your just addicted to money. (Not trying to target people who do good with their money, lol)
  18. unimportant

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    I question people that "do good" with more than that $100k. For some reason, many people think having money is a sign you've earned it; in reality it is a sign you've extracted it from the community. Having more than you need means other people have less than they need, 0 sum game. There is a limit to how much money is in the system at any one point and how much it is worth.

    Is it possible to do good with money in any way other than collective efforts? Should any one person be in control of any large magnitude of wealth? I don't think so. Crowd funding is the future imho.
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  19. It seems you are worrying about other people a lot!
    Why don't you become the man you wanna see around you?

    Judging never helped anybody.

    I don't like money so I give it away.
    The problem is that there is a law of sow and reap.
    The more money I give away the more money I get. But because I don't like money I give it away. And get even more. Sigh. I have a problem.
  20. unimportant

    unimportant Fapstronaut

    Judging has always helped people. It is why public shaming techniques work, it's why most people are wearing masks finally, it's why racists get beaten down in arguments. You don't judge, you don't understand.
  21. Oke so then please tell me how your judgements are helping YOU with your anger.
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