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  1. So far here's what I've started to do via self improvement and how it's affected me. Basic info for me is I'm 35 years old, 5'8" tall, and 142 lbs.

    Food: I eat once a day after I get home and work out. My meal consists of six eggs, 1 lb of grass fed meat (pork or beef), some grass fed butter, and a large glass of raw milk. I'm not strictly carnivore but I find this diet is the easiest on my digestive system. There's minimal bloat, burping/farting, and I feel pretty satiated throughout the day with few bouts of hunger.

    Exercise: I'm doing Kasey Stern's Monkey Strength program, which I believe is an offshot of Convict Conditioning. I used to lift but strain on my body was pretty difficult and I've found decent strength on Calisthenics even if it might not be quite as high as when I was a lifter. My physique so far is probably the best it's ever been in my lifetime.

    Free time: In my free time I've taken to reading a lot of non-fiction regarding topics I'm interested in such as recently reading a book on Earthing, one of Metabolic Autophagy, and also the book Think and Grow Rich. I do play video games, but not nearly as much as I used to. I find enjoyment from old FPS games like Doom where I can play a little bit but not spend a whole day on it. I used to play a lot of long RPGs, but I just don't really feel them as much any more. Other times I spend helping my dad fix up his house and on Fridays I have friends over to play board games during the evening.

    I don't get out much, mostly to get food or to buy something I need, but I find myself interacting with people pretty easily, so at least I'm not degrading socially. I'm curious to hear any opinions and suggestions on this as I think my routine is working pretty well for me, but I'm always looking for ways to make it better.
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    Overall it sounds really cool dude, congrats! However be careful with those 6 eggs that's a fuckton of cholesterol (3 max a day is recommended). I also recommend going out whenever there is a possibility.

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