peyronie's disease

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Daredevil99, Aug 24, 2021.

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    I've pretty much convinced I have this now as my erections are weaker smaller foreskin tighter and it bends to the right which is uncomfortable. Ive had this for a while and know I will need to go to the doctor's my issue is I still have a porn addiction so even going a few days without Pmo is very difficult for me. My motivation and mood levels are so low due to being isolated from covid I lose the drive to do a streak. I want to do one before I go to the doctor's so at least I haven't done anything in a few weeks as it would get slightly bigger naturally. Any tips please I'm desperate:/
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    Better consult a doctor rather trying to try one strike. This is for your proper medication and safety purposes.
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    Did your get the curve or hook acutely or gradual? I had a friend in high school that was born with a pretty bad book about 2/3 of the way up when he was hard. I know you can bring it on by keeping an erection for too long or using a death grip. They have cures for it and hopefully they will not immediately say you need to get circumcised as they do in the US. Don’t worry about your size for the doctor. I used to worry but I figured he sees several every day and can care less. You see it everyday and you are stuck with it so go to the doctor, drop your pants and know is is ok.
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    I have this. When I was having regular sex and abstaining from mo it seemed to gradually straighten out. Came back when i resumed relapsing.
    I'm sure it will go away with enough abstinence and if that doesnt fix it there are traction devices and surgical procedures that will correct it.
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    Girls dont seem to care much about it if thats your concern
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