Philosophy, Social Network and Ego. Letter for -and from- Lonely people.

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    You continue to repeat to be yourself, but you actually does not know who you are.
    You search yourself in what you do, either, what induce you to do it and post it.
    You missed the meaning of personal experience, what you do to grow up and improve your internal self, your-self. What you do now is to post. When the despota says: "Actually your phone is becoming a part of you, your soul" is partially right.
    In truth, that is a new one, a materialistic soul.
    What you experimented in your life is spiritual, like a vibration to your soul. What you experimented in the internet, is a data. What do tou experiment in life is personal, just for you, what do toy experiment in internet is for everybody, you make it public.
    And it is what you do with social network, we do experience not for experiment, but for share, for show. Every act of life so is based on ego.What you do on social network is to post, show, get likes, have thousands of friends and friends, but what you do is not destined to you. You are not the person you show, you show to me just your interesting side, a photo in the beach in a Tropical Paradise and I don't exit from the county since five years. Then a photo at a party in saturday where you are smiling with your friends, that i know too. You show how you are happy, while I pass another evening at home alone. Some of your friends post a comment, saying that you are beautiful and you actually are. But you really are or is just a solid fictonal side that you build arround you? A mask?
    Maybe you are stressed because the work, and you contemplate the suicide? Do you take antidepressant? and you drink and smoke because life problems stress you?
    Then you are showing me only your good amd beauty side, you are show only a fraction of yourself and the other is magistrally hidden.
    I'd like to see also the other side, the one that you want miss and hidden but you can't. Show me it so i can know who you really are, then i will appreciate you, I will like you, because in my heart, i know that you suffer too and i'm not alone.
    You made a fictional world based on your beauty, but your lie first to yourself in primis and then to us.
    If i knew that you are perfect, without any problem, then you would be like Afrodite or Era.
    But if you show me your bad sides, like Paride, i will stolen you to Sparta and risk my life and bring you to Troy with the risk of ruin my life, because you have been honest and i can really trust you.
    Don't deceive yourself with tech and ego, likes does not improves you.
    If you face your defect, you can improve them, and they will evolve in merits, but if you hidden them, you are deceive yourself and me, you will never see the improvement you can achieve.
    If we transform the experience into matter, then matter will became experience.

    Hope someone will read and understand, actually this is a text from my diary, i tried to translate it in english for you. Thanks.
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    My dude here speaking in Enchantment Table.
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    Did you get Humor II because your jokes are getting better and better bro <3
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  4. Good post, thank you for sharing. I think you are right!

    Our online self is now who we really are. However who we really are begins to change if we are online so much! Slowly.
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    Online life is not worth it. Our phones have become a part of our body. We cant be classified as humans anymore, we're goddamn cyborgs ! And I dont want to be a cyborg. I am currently trying to quit youtube.
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    I had some problems too, my answer is to delete all your social media account (youtube/gmail, ecc...too). Delete your Smartphone, (my smartphone still exist, i eradicated it and leave it inside a wheelbarrow in the cellar
    lol) buy an old dumb nokia style phone. First of all, understand: "Why i need internet outside home?" humans are losing the calm and tranquillity of get boring, always searching something to do, some time ago i was in the middle of the village with nothing to do, waiting from my parent inside the market, no phone and no book, all was closed cause pandemy, so i just sit on a stair and watch cars and contemplate the buildings, a beautiful moment, just like when i was a kid and smartphone does not exist. Is all gradually, and you does not have to renounce to tech, just to limit it and gradually make it less, how to say? Stop to watch bullshit things on youtube is a great thimg to do, i just watch so me documentaries and interviews, stop gameplay a nd toxic youtubers (this is my opinion).
    Now, i know i repeat myself, but your should absolutly read Walden by Thoreau, and bring it in the forest with you instead of the smartphone.
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    I just really loved it i so straight forward and so real
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