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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Deleted Account, Oct 20, 2018.

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  1. jk243

    jk243 Fapstronaut

    Good pics man
    I also love photography
    Next year I will buy a photography camera
  2. marsha124

    marsha124 Fapstronaut

    I love taking pictures...I'm still learning, but I find it very therapeutic. Here's one I took with my cell phone:
  3. it was a pretty relaxing night, I was drinking beer and cooking some dinner. while I waited for my the rest of my stir fry to cook through, I casually glanced out of my kitchen window and saw a view that deeply conflicted me. do I take photos of this view? what about the food? will I see something like this again? I said fuck it and ran outside barefooted to take pictures. my food was singed and slightly overcooked, but it was worth the shot. D E D I C A T I O N

  4. I saw a majestic dog chilling next to a Hellcat parked at my work so I knew what had to be done. this is why I bring my camera everywhere - you just don't know what you're gonna see

  5. P-Free

    P-Free Fapstronaut

    Wow! Definitely a shot worth a slightly overcooked dinner! Awesome, man!
  6. P-Free

    P-Free Fapstronaut

    Totally great shot! Black and white, too! LOVE IT!
  7. Spongegar

    Spongegar Fapstronaut

    Your photos are beautiful zig, thank you for sharing them.
  8. road trip part I




  9. road trip part II




  10. Clean Willy

    Clean Willy Fapstronaut

    WOWSERS! Arizona is pretty cool. Nice photography @zig.
  11. Hahaha
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  12. vxlccm

    vxlccm Fapstronaut

    @zig you got talent and skills, bro
  13. 0111zerozero11

    0111zerozero11 Fapstronaut

    Beautiful shots @zig !
    I'll have to find some of mine tonight to add. Good, productive thread :)
  14. P-Free

    P-Free Fapstronaut

    My dude! These are stunning, as always! Makes me want a desert vacation now! :)
  15. experiment: christmas lights + crystal ball = cool

  16. P-Free

    P-Free Fapstronaut

    Beautiful shot, man!
  17. whatrichme

    whatrichme Fapstronaut

    I love the magic going on here.
    Let me chime in :)

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  18. W H O A

    very nice, I love the edit
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  19. 0111zerozero11

    0111zerozero11 Fapstronaut

    @Max Fisher, I saw you liked this. I got the hint. Cake, snap out of it and be productive. Do what Cake loves to do.... I dug and dug. I photograph people; not objects. I found some of my stuff that doesn't show faces.
    I've realized, I need to stop making people the focus of my pictures. There's a big world out there.....
    Thanks for making me do that full circle ;)

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  20. Great contrast. I like them.

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