Physical Effects of PA on Partner

Discussion in 'Partner Support' started by TryingToHeal, Dec 20, 2017.

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    You hit the nail on the head with this. I couldn't have explained it better myself.
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    I've developed a stress rash, I've had it for the last 8 months or so. I've never had anything like this before and it is driving me nuts. I'm also diabetic and stress does weird things to my blood glucose. It is constantly up and down which causes its own issues. Migraines and my neck are worse than normal too.
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    With all the newer SOs that have joined lately, I thought this might be pertinent to bump up and acknowledge. How are you all doing?
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    Oh yes. Anxiety, panic attacks, depression.
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    There are a lot of newer SOs on the forums experiencing physical symptoms. I'm bumping this so they can read and find they aren't alone. Feel free to share here if you like.
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    @SOofanaddict Here is a thread you might want to add to. You are right about the physical and emotional ailments PA and SA can bring on us.
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  7. Lack of sleep, reduced performance at my job, depression, a desire to stay indoors, itchy skin, difficult breathing (never feeling like I can get a full breath in), gained weight (10lbs) and difficulty losing weight, lack of care for anything, hyper anxiety, no self esteem
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  8. Thanks for sharing!

    My list....

    Anxiety, panic attacks, fibromyalgia, weak immune system due to constant stress, migraines, depression, at one point I gave up the will to live, exhaustion, self-esteem=none, social circle=none, weight issues from trying to "be the girl he was targeted on that moment", hair loss, basically I've aged 20 years in about the last 8 years, self doubt, memory loss from anxiety meds (I can't even remember when my 15 year old was a baby or toddler due to extreme emotional trauma), miscarriages from stress, upper GI problems from stomach ulcers, esophigial damage from reflux, I ended up having a nervous breakdown and homebound from anxiety and panic attacks for half a year, my business went downhill from lack of wanting to work/socialize, the itchy rash all over my body (I seriously HATE that one), hormone drop to the point my doctor was concerned, vitamin d deficiency due to not going outside, cycles were so thrown off from stress my doc thought I was in an early menopause, no exercise/lack of well being. I could probably go on but that's about all I can think of right now.

    Prayers and hugs to all.
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    It's had a pretty big physical effect on me. My skin and hair is dry. I can't concentrate on anything. I used to love reading and going to the gym, but now these seem like impossible tasks. There is always a knot in my stomach and I get sick much more often than I used to.
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    Sending you all lots of love and hope that you find the time and space to do some self-care, whatever that means for you. The feelings of worthlessness are terrible for our beautiful bodies that deserve to be nurtured and appreciated. One thing I absolutely love to do for myself is drink herbal tea.... It is a tiny little thing that I can do just for me, and it does make me feel better. Paired with a hot water bottle and it’s a little smoother for those shitty moments when I feel like an ugly toad because I don’t actually look like a cartoon version of a woman. Whatever you can find and fit into your life, you deserve it 100%. No guilt!!! Buy yourself some flowers! Find an uplifting message and print it out and put it on the fridge. It’s hard to come back to life after being hurt by the one who is supposed to be there for us. Feeling your pain and hoping for healing for all of us.
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    Hi everyone,

    For me the initial month or so after disclosure my physical wellbeing was impacted significantly.

    I wasn't sleeping well, nightmares, had neck and back pain, headaches, took up smoking full time for a few weeks, stopped exercising, low appetite, feeling 'numb' at times, a couple of panic attacks, very dark thoughts.

    A few months on and from time to time my stomach gets into knots when I'm triggered. Or I'm up late ( Like I am right now) worrying about our relationship.

    I think my skin has aged in the last few months and my moods have been extreme- Super happy or very low.

    Another big physical change has been that my breasts got bigger. I got a boob job a few weeks ago. That wasn't a direct outcome from discovering my SO habits- as I have wanted one most of my adult life. However it was low on my financial priority list until recent times. After my self esteem took a huge blow I decided that I would do something good for myself. The forced time off work to recover has also been a good time to reflect and try to get back into good habits.

    Time is a fantastic healer, but there are many things we can do along the way.
    Putting ourselves first is so important- time out from work ( if practical ) too.
    My job is very demanding from a customer point of view ( flight attendant) - and if my tank is empty like it had been, those passengers can take every last drop.
    Learn what fills our tanks , spend time with positive souls, or alone when its all too much.

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