physical effects of sexual exhaustion

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  1. I'm doing all of this too.
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  2. Me 2 minus first paragraph
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    to my knowledge women do not lose energy through sex or orgasms. thats why they can fuck 20 guys in a row granted if they are not sore enough yet
    porn addiction can cause them harm- emotional, relationships etc of course but not in such severe a way as men (energy depletion)

    they lose energy every month tho: during their periods.

    men lose it during ejaculation
    women during periods.

    still... they can take in tons of energy more from our semen so I think I would prefer to be able to have 30 orgasms and 1 period per month than not being able to orgasm at all as a male....
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    I've never heard about sexual exhaustion before, even if I've been lurking around here for a while. This makes so much sense to me. I struggle with a lot of the things you mention and my gf and I are TTC, but are having problems due to my poor sperm quality. A while ago I wrote a topic about "others' withdrawal symptoms is my PMO symptoms", because I've felt like this for years while PMOing, which seems to be what you call sexual exhaustion(?).

    Have anyone tried water fast while rebooting?
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  5. This sounds too exaggerated

    Why do you think an accidental exposure delays you?

    I have had some accidental expositions but I have not given importance.

    I recommend a comment on a thread on Your Brain Rebalanced by Joshua Shea.

    Joshua Shea is a therapist today. He was addicted to porn for many years. Today he is writing a book and tells that he had to enter a recognized porn page (pornhub) to extract information about some statistics on the consumption of pornography during the pandemic.

    He says he entered normally, extracted the information and left the website without any problem.

    Another thing:

    I recommend this about accidental exposures:


    "We get daily questions about what's "approved," or what is a "relapse," or whether X, Y, or Z will delay someone's reboot. Such questions cannot be answered. A better question is: "What kind of brain training leads to addictive changes in my brain? Am I repeating it?"

    In this sense, accidental exposure to something exciting is not a relapse. In fact, I seriously doubt that any incidental images of anything, including hardcore porn, can push back (unless one acts out fantasizing about it or looking for more). Sensitization occurs when an addict deliberately pursues his addiction. Animal experiments show that active choice to take a drug connects the brain in a different way than injecting it without a conditioned stimulus. Seeking or working for the addictive drug causes sensitization, which is the central brain shift of addiction, and also the one at the center of pornography-induced sexual dysfunctions in those who are not completely addicted. The animal associates the intake of the drug with its own deliberate action, and the brain connects accordingly".

    I hope you change your views with this information I send you and do not have the wrong belief that an accidental exposure delays you. That's absurd My Dear friend.

  6. I've never felt any of this

    why ?
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    As in: the amount of time you've spent over the years in a state of dopamine high, perhaps coupled with a lack of downtime (ie you're edging for long periods, several times a day, every day for years without a break). I have all the symptoms that Fenix has described, and I was, for a long time, a heavy user.
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    I am ten months on nofap now but my sexual urges not going i m having a*** urges . Wii it ever go i am very miserable from this urges it cause me panic pls help me
  9. Pee as hard as you can standing.
    And try breaking any routine you have, such as stop following your diet. Break any routine, but don't break Nofap. Walk for an hour.

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    for those who have more than 300 days clean, can u guys describe how you feel before and after????
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    20 years old currently on 112 day streak and what seems to be like a 100 day flat line. Only get erections when I think about my girlfriend, yet when im with her my erections are weak, have yet to go past making out with her due to PIED. Definitely feel some of these symptoms still to this day, considering my brain is super fucked, I have accepted the fact I can never masturbate or watch porn again. I actually reprogrammed my brain to HATE porn, like I fucking hate porn, let a porn director tell me what he does for a living, I might kill the guy, no joke. Porn has taken so fucking much from me, and its still taking more as we speak. I might lose this damn girl I love because I cant my dick hard lol, im 20 years old man what is this sick fucking joke. My motivation is so bad right now, its insane, but im pushing through. The only thing keeping me going is knowing how strong I will be knowing I survived this when im out of this depressive hole, and how strong I will be in the real world with the skills I learned on this journey, goodluck to all.
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    do you have any health issue beside pied?
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    Not that I know of.
  15. I experienced themon the weekend. I didn't do anything.

    But you know, I did intermittent fasting on that weekend and it helped make the exhaustion and pain bevome less bad (I felt good but not as good as a regular day). I slept around 3am. Woke up around 9-10am. But didn't eat till like 6:30 pm.
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    What video is this?
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  17. I forgot. A woman was speaking.
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    Doesn't seem like anyone has posted in this thread for a while so I'll try to revive it. As someone starting his journey it has been extremely helpful.

    I'm definitely going through it right now. Some chest pressure, anxiety, nausea and low energy. The nausea make it hard to eat too. I've been addicted since I was in my late teens and I'm 39 now. Who knew it would be so bad. I wound up in the ER yesterday morning with cold sweats, and almost passed out. Felt Like a serious panic attack. All checked out fine. Ekg, chest x-rays and certain blood work. It's crazy the effect certain chemicals your body produces can be high jacked and cause all this shit. Anyway I would love to hear from other about how bad their physical symptoms were from withdrawl.
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    Last year I developed dizziness and sometimes when I would stand I'd get a pounding pressure in my head and neck and sometimes chest pain. Ended up with paramedics at my house doing ekg etc but all was fine even though i felt like shit. I was masturbating a lot during this time but that was the worst physical symptoms I've had from pmo addiction. Withdrawal symptoms are probably worse even though I get mostly mental ones. Just a feeling of being trapped in this fight to not pmo, feeling like my future is riding on it, but I don't have the strength to resist. Physical symptoms are exhaustion though lots of water and supplements along with low carb high protein and fat diet seems to reduce the extreme energy lows I felt before.
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    This thread is worth keeping going. I would contribute more, but I'm just too exhausted to think clearly enough right now. Just keep on trying your best to quit, because things can get a lot worse.
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